Tuesday, August 11, 2015

RockHound State Park

Sooo... after Pancho Villa State Park, we traveled just over 40 miles to Rockhound State Park. Rockhound is about as different from Pancho Villa as can be. Pancho Villa is flat desert with scrubby vegetation:
while Rockhound is on the side of a mountain, with well-groomed vegetation:

This is our campsite at the top of the park
The park overlooks Mesilla Valley and the City of Deming.

We fell in love with this park. It is beautiful, peaceful, quiet, especially at this time of the year. As we have been in all of our stays on this trip, we were nearly alone in the park. We had one close neighbor the first night, and then it was just the camp hosts and one other RV the rest of the time.

Activities? Well, we ran into town and shopped WalMart, then came back and simply enjoyed the park. There are things to do, which we didn't. There are trails leading to areas where visitors are allowed to search for pick up and take home geodes and other interesting rocks. There is a 15 pound per person limit, and it is limited to personal enjoyment, not for profitable venture. You tell me how that can be enforced!!

Where are we today? Back at the Elks Lodge in Willcox, AZ, headed home to get a little medical attention. That seems to be recurring theme these days in ... Our Life on Wheels.


  1. We overnighted in RockHound years ago before heading south to Columbus. Liked the Park & we walked the loop trail surrounding it. As nice as it is heading out on a trip it's always just as nice or nicer getting home again:))

  2. Beautiful site. That ocotillo is certainly happy and healthy. Hope all goes well with your medical needs.

  3. We never got there, but you're right, it isn't far....Wish I were riding with you..We loved New Mexico...southern..We only traveled North once to Sante Fe and Taos...never with the camper though..Good luck with the medical stuff ..I hear ya..it just keeps getting more frequent.

  4. We camped in the area, but missed this park:( Thanks for sharing.


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