Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday was Baking Day

Baking has always been a big day as our family prepares for Christmas. Over 70 years ago my brother Chuck and I watched as our mother made pastries she had learned in HER mother's kitchen. Now the tradition continues. 2013 is the first year since there was a 2 in front that all the ladies in our family were able to bake together.

Daughters Deb and Kathie made date bread.

Suzy made the yeast bread dough.

Oooooops! The mixer took off and sprayed the kitchen with flour, eggs and milk!

The yeast dough has risen to more than double its original size!

Gotta punch it down so it's workable.
Then she made the candied wreath.

Granddaughter Renee made the basis of a snowman, using chocolate powder and chocolate chips instead of fruit as the filling.

Deb put together a candy cane pastry.

While the recipes came down from Rosalie Lauzon, Jerry's grandmother, and as they were recorded in our family cookbook published nearly 30 years ago, each part of the family has made incremental changes to suit their own tastes.

And this is today's output --
Four yeast breads and three date bread loaves. Don't you wish you could be here for breakfast?
So. this was baking day this year in ... Our Life on Wheels.


  1. Oh how neat to see me...Christmas pastries. They all look so lovely and delicious!

    You are so blessed Suzy to be baking with your daughters. The girls and I do the same thing. There is just so much to talk about during that time and so many memories are made.

    We wish y'all a very merry and blessed Christmas!

    1. What a blessing to have all your daughters in one place and to be able to bake together.

  2. What a nice activity for 3 generations of lovely ladies in your family! Those breads all look wonderful, and I know you'll have fun devouring them. I love Suzy's reaction to the mixer spewing ingredients all over the kitchen!

    1. But you didn't HEAR the reaction! Very uncharacteristic of my lady!

  3. I'm going to come to your house. Those breads all look absolutely fantastic. But the best part is having all the family together. What a great time. I'm sure you're having a very Merry Christmas.

  4. Enjoy the output, Jerry and Suzy!

  5. Even though it looked like a lot of work I'm betting it was fun with a lot of great memories thrown in too. Good work on the photos, Jerry, that's what I'd be doing too!

    That is going to be one wonderful breakfast with all those yummy-looking pastries and bread.

  6. My Goodness! I'm sure they are delicious tasting, and they're so beautiful! The yeast breads remind me of "Foods Class" in high school. We made a braided yeast bread similar to the ones in your photos. They were fun to make and tasted so good. What a wonderful family tradition! :)

  7. Great photos of the bakers!! We had a braid here too....I bought it from our grandson's class before we left..I thawed it last night and we had it for breakfast..As you may notice, I don't bake...;-)

  8. Hey, isn't it about time for a Quarterly update from "Our Life on Wheels"?


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