Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"What's Up?"

We just received an e-mail from blogging pal Larry Clark (see his blog called Clark Rambling. Larry and his wife Gerry hadn't seen any news from us for a while, and he asked "What's Up?" Here's more or less what I told him:

 Hey, Larry -- thanks for checking in with us. "What's up" is a long story, and you won't find it in our blog. 

As you know, we cut our summer short to get Suzy back here for physical therapy, but everything kept getting in our way and slowing us down. The last thing that happened was in Tonopah, just outside of Phoenix. We stopped there to wait for a scheduled phone call. As we were preparing to leave, I had another heart scare: chest pressure, general loss of appetite, etc. Hurried to Urgent Care, where the doctor put me in an ambulance, as he thought I might be having a heart attack. After 24 hours of hospital observation, it turns out it wasn't a heart attack, just more atrial fibrillation. 

So when we got home, my A-fib had to take precedence, and we visited my cardiologist, who sent me to another cardiologist, a specialist in the electrical side of the heart. Our regular cardiologist is a specialist in the plumbing side of the heart.

In the meantime, we went to our regular doctor for Suzy's neck problem. But our regular doctor had, just a few days earlier, been kicked in the face by his horse and was not available, so we saw instead a temp! He ordered physical therapy, so we went to our regular PT place, and their #1 therapist had recently moved away, so they were about 15 patients away from taking any new assignments -- we're on a waiting list for the new therapist who should start this week.

So that's how Suzy is -- no progress, and she is in pain off and on, more "on" than "off."

As for me, the "electrician" cardiologist wants me to have cardioversion, the electric shock treatment, to zap my A-Fib. We're not too sure about that, so we are going to call for a postponement until we can get a second opinion about it.

Short story: Suzy hurts, I feel fine even with regular A-Fib!

And that's "What's Up" at this stage of ... Our Life on Wheels.


  1. A friend of ours just had the electric shock treatment. He was tired for about a week but is as good as new. He also is 85, so took him a bit longer to jump back in the saddle.

    Keeping you both in our prayers.

  2. Thanks for the update, Jerry. Sorry to hear Suzy's still suffering from pain and hope she is able to get relief soon.

    That 'electric shock' treatment sounds a bit dicey to me, I think I'd be getting a second opinion too and maybe even a third if the second guy agree with the first.

  3. What about a pace maker? My father-in-law had one installed an lived a lot of years with it in place as has some of my friends. It would be nice if they put outside the body controls so you could speed your heart up or slow it down depending on what you want to do.

  4. Oh boy, what a time of it you two have had! I hope everything gets resolved soon.

  5. Praying for you and Suzy. Getting older is not for those who are not brave! Take care....both of you.

  6. Sorry to hear you are having health problems/scares... hope things get better for you both!!! Take Care..thinking of you...

  7. I had been wondering about what's been going on with the two of you. Thank you for the update. Medical problems and procedures (and waiting for them) are no fun at all. Glad you got home safely, though!

  8. So sorry you guys are having all these issues. Enough is enough. My Dad had the shock thing done and it worked wonders for him. Sure hope we can see you guys again before too long. And definitely praying that everything gets all sorted out for you.

  9. Did the cardiologist explain the downside of not having the ECT? The one possibility that scares the bejeebus out of me is the radically increased potential for stroke. I have cared for the recently stroked and the survival rate isn't anywheres near as high as I'd like. The wasted feeling, weakness and prolonged malaise I experience with the A-Fib is most unpleasant, but nothing compared to not being able to move, care for myself or be unable to communicate, read, or control my life. If the ECT offers the potential for a good outcome, I'd seriously consider it. Implanted ECT may be a possibility but won't be considered until you have demonstrated your A-Fib can be controlled in that fashion. Baby steps...

    Sorry Suzy is suffering so. Hope she can get started on the PT real soon. Are there any possibilities of PT farther away from home in the interim?

  10. So sorry to hear about your issues. Hope you can both get relief and proper treatments soon. We'll keep you in our prayers.

  11. Friend Father Ken Krall emailed:

    Jerry and Suzy:

    Sorry to hear about your health problems and especially yours, Suzy. Shall keep you both in my prayers.

    Much health to you both in record time.

  12. Holy Schlamoly you two....We have been off the grid for a week or more...A Doc kicked by a horse???REALLY??? Hang in there, buckaroos, better times , they are 'a comin.

  13. I was out of the loop for a couple of weeks as well, and was glad to hear from you, not so glad to hear the news of your problems. Hoping for some healing up really quickly for Suzy's pain, and for your heart as well. That ECT thing does sound a bit scary to me as well, but I know nothing. Glad you are at least home and not on the road trying to deal with things. Thinking of you two with fondness and so glad that we actually had a chance to meet in personl


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