Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Back to Thursday

Remember, last Thursday we arrived in Carson City, and met our newest Great Grandson for the first time.

After Renee and Mason had to leave (she had older son Darren to pick up, family to tend to), our daughter Deb arrived to greet us. We invited her to stay for dinner, and she accepted. A little later, younger daughter Kathie arrived to greet us, and we invited her to stay to dinner; she also accepted. Somewhat later, son-in-law Shawn and grandson Sam arrived. Of course, we invited them to stay for dinner. Of course, they accepted.

What a panic! We had a partial tray of leftover enchiladas and a partial tray of leftover chile rellenos in the refrigerator, along with most of a bag of very good salad. By this time, happy hour was well under way, and we had a delightful leftover dinner, including dessert (leftover scrapings from a half empty ice cream carton. Didn't hear any complaints, and we are always happy to clean out the refrigerator. Six full-size adults having dinner in a small motorhome creates a real feeling of closeness.

Friday morning, Suzy and I took advantage of a coupon, going across the street to a casino for a one-free-with-one breakfast. Then in the afternoon, Deb came and picked Suzy up for a ladies only sleepover. From here on, the blog is Suzy's story:

Hi, Everyone! What a pleasure to spend time with our daughters Deb and Kathie, granddaughter Renee, and, of course, baby Mason who is literally attached to his Mommy right now!

Deb and I did some grocery shopping then she took me out to her new home and gave me the grand tour. Very impressive and very well decorated. She has a real knack for decorating that makes a place truly beautiful and comfortable - much like her sister.

We chilled out for a while, had a beverage, then started putting together homemade chicken enchiladas. When Renee, Mason and Kathie arrived, the gabfest was on! Those of you who have had times like this with the ladies in your families know how precious it is. In fact, I'm still glowing!

Little Mason, at 3-1/2 weeks old, was just not comfortable in different surroundings. He just couldn't get to sleep, so Gramma Kathie took him into the living room and cuddled him to sleep, which gave Renee four hours of straight sleep. She said she hadn't had four consecutive hours of sleep since two or three weeks before Mason was born! Grammas are good at giving Mamas a break. I stayed with both groups for as long as I could, then I got some sleep too.

Saturday morning started early. After more talking, coffee and showers, we were all ready to go out to breakfast at Katie's, which is in the Carson Valley Inn Hotel and Casino. What great food! And our waitress, learning that we were in a hurry, had our orders out to us in 10 minutes flat! Wow, I can't remember service like that for quite a long time!
Kathie, Renee, Mason in a baby basket, Deb, and Gee Gee
We were only about 5 minutes late for our date to have "manis and pedis." It must be about 20 years or so since I've had a manicure and pedicure. What a treat! As you can see from this first
picture (check out the curled up toes!) I was having a GREAT time! 
I was "tickled" at the way Hannah was sanding the bottom of my feet!
And best of all, I was with my girls and my new Great Grandson, AND my mani and pedi was my Mothers' Day present! 

A fine group of two wizards to work with us.

Hannah is a toe artist!

Here's the proof!
Kathie had a toe artist too!
At this point, Renee had to get home to her "boys," husband Adam and nearly four-year-old son Darren. The rest of us piled in Deb's car for a shopping trip to Reno. First stop was a fabulous little shop called Real Deals. They are open only two days a week, but they have a wonderful, eclectic collection of decorating and gift ideas at very reasonable prices. I managed to score a present for Granddaughter Renee, an early birthday present for daughter Kathie (12/19 is her b'day), and part of a graduation present for Grandson Sam (he graduates from high school on May 31st).

Next was Kohl's. If you don't know about Kohl's and there's one close to you (say within 100 miles), do go check it out. Right now they're in their winter/spring clearance mode; we three found good buys in stuff we either needed, or just plain wanted! I found a pair of wine-colored denim pants for $4.00! You can't beat that.

On our way home, we stopped by our RV park, where Jerry recorded our toes for history.

I'm in white, Deb is left, Kathie on the right
Jerry and I then drove out to Deb's so he could see her new house and share in leftover chicken enchiladas with all the required side dishes and, of course, wine. Jerry and I (especially me) were so tired after that long day, we stayed the night. Kathie stayed too, since husband Shawn had gone to spend the weekend with his own mother in Lodi, CA.

By now any men reading this part of this blog have their eyes glazed over since I know there's only so much girl-talk any man can stand, so I'll turn this back over to Jerry.

What do I say to that? I stayed home, didn't go shopping, didn't have a pedicure (although my toenails probably could use one). I had a quiet time living ... Our Life on Wheels!


  1. Oh, what fun! A well deserved time with family! Those mani's & Pedi's are the MOST fun!!

  2. Since we have four boys - never had those girl times. And now we're all so spread out around the country and we can't get the daughter-in-laws all together. But I do love my pedicures. My big treat to myself anymore.

  3. Looks like a great time with all the girls! Suzy looks terrific - right down to her toes!!

    I'd be too embarrassed to take my feet into a pedicure place! They'd probably recommend cutting off my toes!

  4. Nice to hear from you, Suzy! It looks like you had a great 'girls' experience.

  5. Suzy, I sure know what you mean about spending time with the girls. I love it whenever I have the chance.


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