Monday, November 30, 2009

Catching up with the LeRoys

First of all, welcome to new Followers: Mark and Teri, of Hidden Valley RV in San Antonio, TX, and Walkabout Jack. We’re glad to have you with us.

Second, blog friend Joy asked some questions regarding Suzy’s upcoming shoulder replacement surgery. Yes, it is done these days, but it’s not as frequently done as knee or hip replacement. I guess the surgeons are running out of knees and hips among us older generation folks, and have now moved up. Hope they don’t run out of shoulders to do, or they may start with heads!

The recovery time varies with individuals, of course, but we have heard of people who wore a sling one or two days, then left it off from then on. Suzy’s doctor says one night in the hospital, then about five to six weeks of physical therapy following surgery, so that will curtail travel for a little while longer, but we hope to be back on the road in March at least.

Curiously, it was Suzy’s physical therapist who sent her to the specialist! We had see the surgeon, Dr. Butler, earlier, and he recommended physical therapy first, calling surgery a last resort. “Come back when you can’t stand it any longer.” The therapist worked with Suzy for several weeks, then finally admitted that it wasn’t doing any good and dismissed her, with a recommendation to see the surgeon. That recommendation was confirmed by our primary doctor.

Thank you to all you folks who have offered good wishes and especially prayers for my lady. For readers who don’t leave comments, your good thoughts and prayers are welcome also.

Third: The golf cart (our Reluctant Froggy) is not getting much better. We’ll let you know what happens next.

Fourth: a few of you made comments about my bright red jammy pants. Some were supportive (“Those red jammy pants are you, big guy!!”), others were more brash (“Shades of Frankenstein!” “This blog is for mature audiences only!”). Well, good for all of you! The rest of our readers, I guess, were too polite to mention my skimpy attire. Our blog is meant to be entertaining, sometimes educational, and only occasionally titillating.

No new pictures today, but might like this one of a sunset not too many months ago.12 12 18 Sunset1 Have a great day, and keep following us along … Our Life on Wheels.


  1. Won't be long after Suzy's surgery that you will both be shoulder to shoulder dancing cheek to cheek:))

  2. That sunset photo is beautiful and so typical of the SW desert area.

    Hey...I wasn't going to say anything about the skimpy attire. I was "thinking", but didn't say anything. :)

    Entertaining blog? You bet it is and I enjoy coming to it at whenever I see a new post.

  3. We'll all be thinking about Suzy on Dec. 18th - I know things will go well and she'll be home and healthy for Christmas. On your green thing batteries - I never held out too much hope for the aspirin solution to tell you the truth! It's a nice looking vehicle though and a few new batteries should make it just like new!

  4. Suzy, wishing you the very best on your upcoming surgery. Is this the 150,000 or 200,000 mile overhaul? Just make sure the parts don't say "Made in China" on them.


  5. We had a golf cart with similar problems and were told that if one or more batteries were sluggish that it would eventually do harm to the existing batteries. We ended up replacing the batteries.
    Too bad we can do the same as easily with our shoulders! We'll keep you in our prayers for a quick recovery and 100% painfree usage of the new parts.


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