Saturday, June 13, 2015

On the Road Again, Finally!

It's been nearly two years since last we hit the road; that time we had to hurry back for health reasons (my heart). Since then we traded our beloved Rosie for a gently used travel trailer and, several months later, a pickup truck to pull it with.

Rosie with the Suzuki in tow
Nine months later, we are making our "maiden voyage," to be sure everything works and everything is where it ought to be. So far, everything works, but a whole lot of stuff is being relocated for convenience, safety, or findability.

So, where are we? Just 41 miles from home in Willcox, Arizona, at the Elks Club RV Park. The park is very clean, with 28 pull-thru spaces, water and electric, dump at the lodge. Here's our Prowler trailer (2009 model) and our Toyota Tundra (2007 model), with a view of the mountains behind us.

On the other hand, here is a view of the empty park! Yes, we are the only ones here. It's kind of strange, but perfectly fine. (Last minute update: at 4:15 pm Saturday, two motorhomes rolled in to keep us company!)

We've been over to the lodge a couple of times, just to kind of establish ourselves. The lodge itself is surprising for such a small town. It has a diner, live music on occasion, a pool room and a fine well-stocked bar. We are sure to return once in a while.

So the question arises: where are we going next, and when? We don't know. The biggest and most important trip would be up to Post Falls, Idaho, as our third great grandchild is due to born next month. What we have to decide is whether our credit cards will stand the expense. That's my current project, to plan a way to take that trip economically.

We hope to decide soon that we can make the trip a part of ... Our Life on Wheels!


  1. I'm sure if there's a way, you can find it. At least the fuel prices are the best they've been in a long time.

    1. Thanks, Jan -- you're certainly right about fuel prices. We hope all the other stuff falls in line!

  2. Good to see you on the road again. Lynn and I finally got a lot in Benson (31), so will see you this fall. We are headed there tomorrow to drop off the contents of our shed in Coarsegold, CA and our golf cart, but will head back up to Thayne, WY for the rest of the summer.

  3. So glad to see you back on the road! It's been so long since we have seen or heard from you and we are so happy you are getting your "sea legs" (wheels) under you again. I'm sure you will find a way to see that new great grandchild as I know how important family is for you both! Joy and safe travels for you both! Hugs too!

  4. So exciting to see your blog pop up and to find out you are back on the road. Hope you can work out the path to Idaho.

  5. So GOOD to from you and that you are 'on the road again'.. travel safe.. have fun

  6. Wonderful to see you on the road again, and in your new travel rig. Looks like fun. It was just two years ago that we had the chance to meet when you were at Collier. I loved that visit, and am so glad to see that you are well enough to get rolling again. Congratulations !!

  7. Hey guys nice to see you two out here again. Been a long time since your last post. Luckily Kelly spotted you on our sidebar. I remember right where that Elk's Park is in Wilcox. Maybe you'll slip over to Rusty's in New Mexico for a day or two. That Tundra looks like a nice one & we too had a Prowler travel trailer about the same size back in the late 90's. All the best to you folks & wishing many happy trails ahead for you. I'll keep a closer eye on our Blogger's list & hope to see you there before too long again:)).

  8. Great to see a post from you guys!

  9. How great to see you two back "on the road" again!! Hey, looks like you did good on the travel trailer ..Sometimes we all have to downsize to make it more convenient to travel...Wow, another new grandchild!!! Very exciting times for you ..Have a blast and safe travels...and ..keep on bloggin'!

  10. Sounds like you have a great reason to head to Idaho:)


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