Thursday, December 19, 2013

Back again just before Christmas

Yesterday morning we awoke to a day promising to be sunny and 75 degrees. This morning we awoke to fresh snow and 32 degrees. Yesterday we were in Phoenix waiting for a plane. Today we are in Minden, NV, where we will spend nearly three weeks with our family, celebrating not only Christmas and New Years, but also daughter Kathie's birthday and granddaughter Renee's birthday.

This will be the first Christmas in many years that the whole family will be together: from two great grandsons with their Mom and Dad in Carson City, a grandson and his wife coming down from Post Falls, Idaho, another grandson home from college in Bozeman, Montana, two daughters and one son-in-law right here in Minden, a cousin coming up from Redwood City, California, and the two of us from Benson, Arizona, we will to be lucky thirteen gathering around the Christmas tree.

Here's some of what we saw this morning, a real treat for us desert dwellers:
Daughter Deb's backyard fence
We loved the lines of snow on the fence. 
Waiting for Spring.
It'll all be covered again this afternoon.
Colorful banner.
So, aside from being in Nevada, how are we? Well, my term on the SKP Saguaro RV Park's Board of Directors is over in six weeks. It's been a great experience, with some strong challenges and a whole lot of reward. I certainly know a whole lot more about the business and its management. Suzy, wanting her turn, is one of five candidates running to fill three vacancies on the Board. Some of us think she's a shoo-in, but she's not counting on it yet. We'll know the answer in six weeks.

Health wise, we're still alive and ticking. Yes, the usual expression is "alive and kicking," but since we have been taking turns going to hospitals for heart problems, we're happy our hearts are still "ticking!"

Now, blogging friends, we wish you a wonderful and colorful Christmas --

...and urge you all to remember the Reason for the Season!

That's all for us this day in ... Our Life on Wheels.


  1. Sounds like you will surely enjoy this holiday season. How did you get it to snow in that picture? Very neat!

    1. I don't have the slightest idea! I put it in there, and it snowed! That picture doesn't show up in Picasa anymore. I may have taken a short video by error.

  2. I love this post - and the snow falling is wonderful! I'm so happy you are both alive and ticking, and wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with your family. :)

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Enjoy the family

  4. Cool falling snow picture! Glad you're doing o.k. Was beginning to wonder if you had gotten snowed in there in Benson. Now you will have a chance to really enjoy all the snow in Nevada. You two have a wonderful Christmas with your family. Our best wishes to you for a Happy New Year, as well.

  5. I, too, love that snow falling picture. Merry Christmas you guys. Glad you're with family. Have a fantastic time and try to stay out of trouble. lol

  6. Treasure every minute of the family gathering. Those times are so precious and few, especially as we get older.

  7. I was so glad to read your blog update. I wondered if you might be having more health problems, but I'm glad that you will be able to celebrate and visit with your family in Nevada. Great picture of the falling snow--accidental photos are the best kind! Take care, Suzy and Jerry, keep on ticking, and a very Merry Christmas to you both!

  8. Merry Christmas Jerry and Suzy. Stay warm and enjoy the time with your family. I had one of my snow pictures show up on Google with snow in it - some annimation Google did I guess!

  9. I'm so impressed by the falling snow! Quite a nice trick you did there! It's wonderful that you'll have a full family gathering for Christmas. I'm sure it will be quite special and lots of memories will be made. Enjoy every minute.

  10. Your post almost slipped by me. Just yesterday morning on our walk Kelly said, "I wonder how Jerry & Suzy are doing". Figured you may have been busy with the Escapee thing & let's face it, blogging does not go on forever. Good thing you have those fine medical facilities in Tucson. We were impressed how well we were treated when I had my kidney stone problem a few years back. Nice that your spending this Christmas with family. All the best to you guys...........:))

  11. Glad to see you have had a great time traveling...I think Suzy is a "shoe-in" too!

  12. Hope you had a Merry!!! Take Care & God Bless


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