Monday, July 8, 2013

One Old Thing, One New Person

The Old Thing is a now-defunct magazine called Country Discoveries, dated March/April 2003. In the magazine was a short article about Beckie's, a restaurant not too far from Crater Lake. We've been carting that magazine around for 10 years.
We have YEARS of issues of this magazine stored at home.

If you can't read the article, the keywords are "Huckleberry Pies."
The New Person is Sue Malone, another RV Blogger who has been commenting on our post for a few years. Sue's own blog is The Moho and Other Traveling Tales. Sue lives nearby and drove on up to see us Sunday, another first-time meeting of RV Bloggers!

Sue is a delightful lady and has a lot in common with our Suzy. The two are about the same age, both have an oldest daughter named Deb, both have an oldest grandson aged 30, Sue has red hair, Suzy used to before she accepted silver.

Sue has been to Beckie's a number of times, and spent several minutes poring over maps with us, detailing a very scenic route to the restaurant.

Well now, that scenic route took us nearly four hours to drive 120 miles. We made only one false turn and discovered that one quickly. Along the way, we explored several  National Forest Service campgrounds that looked interesting. Some weren't.

As we pulled up to Beckie's, we could see they were busy, as several people were waiting outside.
Suzy is heading directly in to get us on the list while I fuss around taking pictures.
We had about a 20-minute wait; the food was worth the wait. We split a New York Steak, had a nice Merlot, and topped it off with "Very Berry" pie, since Huckleberries aren't in season.

Suzy graciously let me have the larger serving!
On the way back to our park--- by the way, we took the GPS-directed route instead of the scenic route  --- 49 miles and just over an hour --- we stopped to investigate the gorge of the Rogue River (we'll post about that later) and took some time to peek into an osprey's nest (three babies) and to photograph a young colt and its mother.

And on that youthful note, we'll say goodnight to this beautiful day in ... Our Life on Wheels.


  1. What a great day. We ate at Beckie's and found it delightful. That Rogue River Gorge is something to see. Glad you had a good visit with Sue. We enjoyed her and Mo immensely - nice people.

  2. You are in our neck of the woods. We always enjoy Beckies but have learned to never be in a hurry. Very slow service is what we have always experienced. Glad you are getting to see some beautiful sites before heading back.

  3. Another outstanding header photo. When we were in the Crater Lake area last June, only one mile of road was open. We missed out on a gem!

  4. Beautiful header photo.

    Becky's pie looks delicious! Love the Osprey babies and the colt photos!

    It's always fun to meet fellow bloggers. :)

  5. Hi! Stumbled upon your site and wanted to drop you a line. Loved this post in particular. You're an awesome writer. I'm working on my own music festival blog that centers around travel and thought your blog would be great to reference for future posts.

    Should also mention I started following you, drop me a link and follow back if you can! Cheers :)

  6. I had a lovely time visiting with you at Collier. Looking forward to your next trip to Oregon so we can get together again. I am glad you liked the long way around. For some reason I completely forgot about the route right over Crater Lake, as you said, I was thinking of the scenic view, past Rocky Point, of course. Thank goodness for Google, nice once but who would want to drive that road twice in the same day! Glad you got to see the beautiful river and have some of Beckie's pie!!

  7. Have added that pie to our list

  8. I used to subscribe to that Magazine. I remember saving articles for our retirement travels, 10 years in the future. That 10 years is now and I've noted a few places to see from that mag. Wish it were still around.


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