Sunday, June 16, 2013

So What Else for the LeRoys?

First of all, we learned that the Sierra Nevada Range dominates all of Carson City and Carson Valley.

You've read about our new great grandson Mason. (See We Meet Mason).

You've read about the big Mothers' Day pedicure. See 2013 Mothers Day Weekend.

What else have we been doing? Well, we've had a LOT of family time, for sure, and that's wonderful. We even did a little sightseeing with daughter Deb. This is the Comstock gold mining area around Carson City, so we visited the heart of it all, Virginia City. Lunch at Bonanza Cafe, where we got a patio table overlooking some nice scenery. See Comstock.

Walked along the main street of town, saw the sights.

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated my 75th birthday (More pictures at Old Man 75.)

Suzy took me to breakfast, then hauled me to Wal-Mart where she had made an appointment for me to have ------ gasp --- a PEDICURE! What? Yes, my first pedicure. It actually turned out quite well. Just over an hour either sitting with my feet in a swirling tub of hot water with blue stuff in it, or sitting with my feet and legs in the capable hands of an attractive young lady! Hannah did a wonderful job of taking care of my toe nails. Although that was Memorial Day weekend, I would not allow her to paint my toe nails red, white and blue!

In the evening, I prepared an old favorite: Steak Diane. Because of the flaming process, Suzy insisted I do the deed outside, on our Coleman stove. Worked out fine, and paired with Suzy's famous spinach salad with feta cheese, we had a feast!

Next day, we celebrated again with the family. My cake said I was 57 (which is close to how I really feel anyway); one of my gifts was a frog for our garden, and Son-in-law Shawn had prepared a massive prime rib roast, his specialty. A big day for sure.

We've since left Carson City, crossed two state lines, and set ourselves up in four RV parks. But this post is long enough as it is. We'll leave something to be talked about in another post about ... Our Life on Wheels.


  1. Very interesting post with some terrific pictures. Happy times with family are always to be cherished. And happy birthday!

  2. A belated happy birthday to you, Jerry!

  3. You've had a busy trip so far - and it looks like lots of fun, too. Let the good times roll!!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday, Jerry! You don't look a day over 57 :). The pedicure was a nice gift from Suzy. Glad you're having such a good family visit.

  5. I have never seen a prime rib that big!

    Great photo of grandma and grandson.

    Happy belated birthday Jerry. You don't look a day over 57!

  6. I love your frog. That is going to look great in the yard. Happy B-day. You had a wonderful time with the family and that is what was important.

  7. Fun times with family are really hard to beat. Thanks for sharing with us. We'll look forward to hearing and seeing more of your adventures.

  8. Great catch-up blog, Jerry. I know another baby Mason who's pretty handsome - just like your great-grandson. And a belated Happy Birthday. I can't reverse the digits on my age, like you, or I'd be 96!

    That is a huge roast - wow! Must have had to get a bank loan to buy that sucker.

    I've never had a pedicure in my life. I think I'll wait until I'm 100!


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