Sunday, April 21, 2013

What Else Did We Do With Our Time?

After visiting the Titan II Missile Silo, we quieted down with a drive south to Tubac, AZ, an artsy little community which replaced a Spanish Military Presidio back in the missionary days. Our quest was for a sun. Not just any old sun, but a sun like our friends Larry and Gerry had in their blog a year ago.

Nope, not here. What we are looking for will go well with the creatures already on an outside wall of our casita in Benson. We don't have much in the way of photos of those things, but we will -- soon!

I'm a frog fancier, but we don't want this fellow ... yet.

This fountain is gorgeous, and we'd love to have it, but no, this isn't what we want.

Here's what we found, and it's just right!
One of the reasons this is perfect is that the spring winds rip right across the face of the wall in question, and this sun's rays are already whipping in the wind. Of course, our real wind whips the other direction along that wall, but that's our little secret.

While we were looking for this sun, we also happened to find a snake, a butterfly, and a parrot for the wall. They'll join a couple of frogs, a cattle skull, a gecko and who knows whatever else. Oh, by the way, we also found a slinky cat who will perch atop a low concrete block wall, watching for varmints to snag.

The area we were in was called Tubac Plaza. Playing tourist, we followed a sign into "Historic Tubac." Down the road a bit Suzy saw this metal horse rearing under a mesquite tree, and needed a picture. We must have taken a dozen to get this one we could use.
Coming back toward Tubac Plaza we came upon St. Ann's Catholic Church, where this carriage awaited a bride and groom. The young maidens of the wedding party were already making themselves known, while the carriage driver cautioned them about letting the horse get to their flowers.

And then there was the second carriage which soon held the rest of the wedding party.
The bride and groom climbed in place and, with a wave to us, took off for the reception!

During the weekend we made a quick stop at The Jewel of the Desert, the San Xavier del Bac Mission, to get a picture. Nearly every time we've been to the mission in recent years, there's been scaffolding in place during restoration. Now the scaffolding is gone, but the shorter tower is in need of fresh white paint.

The cactus is beginning to bloom at the mission, and we know some of our readers will like these pictures. Heck, we like them ourselves.

Another fine episode in ... Our Life on Wheels!


  1. Talking of artsy, I love our sky photo. Does my soul good.


  2. So do we get to see a picture of the sun? Tubac - another place we've never been.


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