Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Alive and Well

The LeRoys are alive and well, despite rumors that we have disappeared from the world of blogging.

Update on Suzy -- she has lost 110 pounds since her bariatric surgery in January. The pounds really rolled off quickly at first, but now it's more a case of keeping at it while each new pound struggles its way out.

In the past few weeks, Suzy has had to get some new clothes, as everything she had was nearly falling off her new slimmer body. We went to Dillards (65% off clearance sale!) and got several tops from the Ladies Department, not the Women's Department. Then she went looking for pants. Turns out she is now a size 16, which was a big joyful surprise for her!

Now the latest news: last Tuesday, Suzy had a full knee replacement surgery on her left knee. The right one was done eight years ago, so the left one was feeling left out. Two nights in the hospital and we are home again in the very painful period of therapy and recovery.

Why the need for surgery? Well, it goes back to childhood, or at least started there. Suzy's parents encouraged her to eat, more than just healthy amounts, so she grew up as a chubby little girl. At the same time, they gave her ballet and Spanish Dancing lessons, which put a lot of strain on her joints. Not blaming her parents, necessarily, but that certainly didn't help.

All her life, Suzy has actually been knock-kneed. We all are, really, and the so-called norm is that we have a "valgus" (angle of the knee) of about 5%. Suzy's knee had a reading of 20%, which put unusual stress on the joint. Add to that the extra weight she was carrying, plus the normal wear and tear of living a few years, so that her knee joint was bone-on-bone --- that's how she got there.

This last photo of her weight progress (taken August 1) clearly shows the abnormal valgus of the left knee.

So Dr. David Martin had a challenge, met it easily, and here we are. (More pictures of Suzy after she gets back on her feet a little more steadily!)

Meanwhile on the wildlife frontier of our SKP Saguaro RV park. Yesterday a coyote trotted through the lot next to ours. We both were able to watch it go merrily along, although our camera was not within reach. This is the third time this summer we have seen that coyote go through. Our corner of the park is nearly empty right now, so the critters just about have the run of the place.

As I was driving about yesterday in our golf cart, I saw something odd in a rain puddle, so circled back to see what it was. Then I got this picture to show you.

Now, this may look like a great big fellow, but in truth, he (or perhaps she, I didn't check) would be only about 12 to 15 inches stretched out full length. I was concerned about his safety in the middle of the street because he was so little and not noticeable to folks driving along. I set down the camera and picked him up (after assuring myself he was not one of the nasties that might retaliate venomously) and carried him over to the side of the road and under a tree. Back to the golf cart to get the camera, then back to the tree, and he was gone. So no more pictures.

Now, Suzy is resting with her leg in a CPM (Continuous Passive Motion, I think) machine, which will alternately flex and extend her leg for an hour. That gives me a little time to finish this post and get it on line, and then get into my work of preparing for the coming season's Board of Directors' activities. So that's all today -- live well, be safe. Best wishes from ... Our Life on Wheels.


  1. Glad to hear things are going well, and I am sure the snake appreciates the kindness:)

  2. Suzy, you've done a marvelous job with the weight loss. It's discouraging when the loss slows down, but I know you'll keep at it. I hope that when your knee heals and gets the therapy it needs that life will be even better for you. You are an inspiration to me! Jerry, thank you for updating all your blogging friends about life with the LeRoys.

  3. Suzy, you look fab in that photo - more beautiful than ever. How great that you have had the knee surgery. You're going to be a whole new person. Think of the things you'll be able to do when you're healed and recovered. I know all this takes courage and faith, and thank goodness you were up to the challenges. :)

  4. That was a cute snake you helped off the road, and to think it ran away without even thanking you.

  5. Suzy, WOW!You must be really sticking to that diet, more weight will come off, just slower, which is a good thing, so glad you got the knee taken care of too. You are a new woman!

  6. Yep, Suzy's a new woman all right in more ways than one!

  7. Wonderful for both of you.I had My RNY 2 1/2 months ago and I'm just now starting to feel totally normal again.Finally not feeling yucky with every bite.Food is starting to agree with Me sometimes.I'm afraid though that I'll stop losing at any moment because I can eat now.Suzy looks so happy and I'm happy for her.Denise

  8. Great to see your blog pop up on my sidebar again, Jerry. Wow - Suzy looks terrific, 101 lbs is an amazing achievement. Now, with a new knee she'll be feeling like a whole new person, I'll bet.

    Congratulations on a job well done!!

  9. I was glad to see you helped that little snake. That has been quite an ordeal Suzy has gone through since the initial bariatric surgery but I can see it has been well worth it for her. Wow, 110 pounds. As the saying goes, 'she is a mere shadow of her former self'. When that knee heals up I suspect she will be giving square dancing lessons in the clubhouse. You had better get yourself limbered up for that................:))

  10. Wonderful news about her weight loss. Praying that she makes a quick and complete recovery. I look forward to seeing the after photos.

    You are such a softy at heart, Jerry. Nice of you to think of that little one.

  11. So glad to hear from you, Jerry. Praying that Suzy has a quick recovery from her surgery. I've never met you, but you both seem to have such a gentle way about you. So nice of you to save that little fella.

  12. Suzy looks fabulous..YOWZA!...After that knee heels, I want video of a Flamenco Dance...(Is that what they call Spanish Dance???)

  13. What can I say but to echo what others have said? So proud of you, Suzy! Hope your knee heals well and you'll be dancing soon. Jerry, thanks for the update and for the wonderful support you are to Suzy in this challenging time. And for the great story of the little snake.

  14. So glad the weight loss has been so successful for Suzy. I'm down 45 now and have just reached a "normal" BMI of 25. It sure feels good.

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  16. You must be proud of your amazing accomplishment.. i certainly am. Your one awesome woman Susan.
    Be well, be happy :)

  17. Hi Jerry & Suzy, AL of the Bayfield Bunch told us you were here at Saguaro! We are Kathy & Grant, ON THE LIST to be perspective leaseholders. :) We go walking each row to decide which lot we'd love to have or the casita! lol I've been in the CH and I think I have seen Suzy at a function or two! Way to go, Suzy!! So wonderful that you HAVE to buy new clothes!! Hope we bump into you at the Leftovers Party today!


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