Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What Reward Are You Looking For?

So we said goodbye to Oh Ridge! What a gorgeous evening sky for a "Farewell, please come back soon!"

We headed south, hurrying home, along US 395, tracking the Sierra Nevada range.

Our next stop was Lone Pine, at the same park we had stayed in on the way north. But we didn't just sit there, we went out. Carl's Junior was calling us with their Guacamole Turkey Sandwich, and we ordered it "Lo-Carb Style," which means "No Bun, Wrap it in Lettuce." Feeling so righteous, we added a couple of Hand-Scooped Milkshakes (2 for $4) for dessert. Oy!

Feeling adventurous, we moved north to the Manzanar / Reward Road. This road is directly across US 395 from Manzanar National Historical Site, where Japanese-American citizens were held in "protective custody" following the Pearl Harbor attack on December 7, 1941 (See our post about this place: "Have You Seen Manzanar").

The road leads east five miles across the Owens Valley to the ghost town / mine site called "Reward."

The Reward Mine operated in the 19th and early 20th centuries, bringing gold, silver and assorted minerals out of the Inyo Mountains east of the valley. Now it is a target for ghost town / mine site afficianados. But for us, we were looking for rocks, and we found them! Here in this tailings pile, and many other places!

We wanted some rocks for our cactus garden back in Benson. Maybe we'll show you when we get there, but right now they are tucked away inside any space we can find in our Suzuki!

Here is a little about the mine:

Looking north from the basic mine site.

Heading back to US 395, we stopped to watch a fisherman at work. You may remember that the City of Los Angeles has "appropriated" most of the water from the previously prosperous Owens Valley. Some of it is channeled through the middle of the valley, and our new friend Rick told us that he was catching bluegill and small big-mouthed bass in this pond.

Worms, the best of bait!
A bluegill and a small large mouth bass Rick was keeping alive and "fresh".
Further on, we shared the road and the valley with a few cattle.

Now, we are headed home to Benson, AZ, as fast as we can. No telling when we may be able to contact you again, so please stay with us, be patient. We're heading for home, and very soon thereafter an SKP Chapter 21 Rally, which may have it's own ominous results!

So now, be content with this visit to ... Our Life on Wheels!


  1. Lone Pine is an area we haven't explored yet and I really want to visit that whole area. Drive safe back to Benson. It's still hot there. Have fun at the Rally.

  2. You lasted longer than me when we start heading home after a long time out. I try and be patient, but I am like a horse heading back to the barn looking to get fed. Just don't get in my way.

    You guys had an interesting summer and enjoyed it in the best way in your motorhome. Thanks for the ride.

  3. One more thing. If you haven't stopped at Buckskin Mt State Park just north of Parker, check it out. It is one of our favorite parks in Arizona.

    Full hookups state parks aren't that common, however Buckskin Mt SP has a number of full hookup site right on the Colorado River.

  4. We have really enjoyed following you two all summer.

    Safe travel home.

    Mac & Dianna

  5. Nice evening sky at Oh Ridge. Sure know that feeling about 'hurrying home' after a long trip. Always a great feeling pulling into the driveway for sure. You guys had a great trip. Home at last:))

  6. Beautiful sunset clouds. You do know what happened to Tacy & Nikki in the "Long, Long Trailer" when she started collecting rocks, don't you? :-)))))))))))

  7. Safe travels and here's to a good rally! No, a Great Rally! Wish we could be there, want to hear all about it when we get to Benson later.

  8. You all have a fantastic life on wheels and thanks for sharing it with us.

  9. I'll be waiting to hear from you! Safe journey.

  10. Yeah, what's with "ominous"? ES and Mui mentioned "The Long, Long Trailer" - did you know that was filmed on the road to Mt. Whitney, right outside Lone Pine?

    Safe travels!

  11. Have a great trip home to your 'ominous' sounding Rally. It's been a great summer travelling along with you both and seeing the great pictures of all the wonderful and interesting places you've visited.

  12. Aw, shucks! I'm not ready to go home yet!! Can't we just stay a few more days??? Come on!! Oh, all right....But I'm gonna hold my breath all the way...
    Don't drive too fast and knock that "mummy" clock over on me!

  13. You've had quite a summer, and I've loved it all! Beautiful cloud shots today - Have a good trip home. :)

  14. What a marvelous Summer you two had traveling.. I'm jealous :D
    Love your spectacular travel photos.
    I lived in Tucson when I was 7, I remember the view of Mt Lemmon out the front windows.
    Have a safe trip home.

    be well and happy


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