Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Blogging about Blogging

Wow, you are the best! You, our readers, our followers, are simply the best!

It took us a little time, but we put up three posts about Bodie Ghost Town, and you guys came back with the fastest 40 comments we've ever received! Thank you! No more about Bodie, but we hope you all have a chance to visit it yourselves.

Now, did you see our new header photo? We call it "Monarch of the Desert." It's a lone saguaro (pronounced suh-wah-ro) cactus, standing tall and surrounded by more lowly desert scrub. It's located in Saguaro National Park in Tucson, Arizona. We recently featured this photo in our other blog, One Shot Leads to Another, in which we post one picture every other day. We try to select what we feel are our best pictures, or something a little out of the ordinary, pictures we hope others will enjoy.

Our inspiration for this photography blog was John Souva, whose new post Connected to the Vine Photography recently caught our eye. John has some excellent pictures to display. And now we are also enjoying the photography of blogger Erin Erkun, whose Two to Travel's Viewfinder photo blog displays her very artistic eye.

While we are discussing blogging, have you noticed that it seems to be mostly women who are doing the writing? Why is that? Now it can't be (I hope) that men are less able to express themselves well. Golly, Al of Travel with the Bayfield Bunch is one of the best expressers in the business! It can't be because men don't have much to talk about: check out Rick's blog Rick & Paulette's RV Travels. Rick has plenty to talk about, with day hikes, doggy parks, and tech tutorials. Me? I ramble on about anything and everything.

Do you have an opinion about why more women than men write blogs? Or am I imagining things?

Maybe it's just the opposite of driving RVs. Looking around, I see a lot more men than women driving motorhomes or towing trailers. Certainly many of you ladies out there drive your rigs around, and I'm not referring only to the solo ladies, bless your little hearts. My own lady, the lovely Suzy, is virtually the only driver of our Rosie. I can drive it in an emergency, but she's the one who steers Rosie down the highway, backs into parking spots, navigates the narrow back roads, and thunders across bridges. We are often amused by comments such as "She's driving the motorhome?" or "I envy Suzy's ability to do that."

We'd be interested in hearing what you think -- not a survey, just an open discussion! Kind of low key, just like ... Or Life on Wheels.


  1. Loved your photos and we visited Saguaro National Park last year when we met you guys. Now I can drive the rig but Ralph doesn't let me do it too often and he can post but I don't let him at all... lol lol Yes I agree that more women post then men but I have a lot of blogging men friends and I love their post.
    Have fun and keep the post a coming Jerry!!!
    Give Suzy a BIG hug from us...

  2. All I really know is that Anneke is yet to prepare her first post, but she is my editor and tries to keep me out of trouble:)

  3. I really enjoy John and Erin's photos as well, and now will add yours to the list. I have no idea why women write more than men, but I would imagine it might have to do with the same reason some! just some! men are less likely to ramble on in conversations as well. Ya think? But we are all different. Thank goodness I can drive the rig, as can Mo. We take turns. I love it that your Suzy is the main driver, though. That is probably a bit outside the box.

  4. I thought that saguaro looked familiar! Thanks for the link to Erin's new site, I didn't know about it. I love seeing all the artistry out there.

    Why don't more men write??? Ya got me! My man is a great writer but he sure won't write on the blog. More introspective perhaps and not as willing to be vulnerable to an unseen world?

  5. I'm the blogger, although I've been trying to encourage Craig to start one of his own.

    It's not so much that the women do the blogging more than men that fascinates me, it's the fact that usually only one of the two is the blogger. I often wonder what the other one is thinking ...

    I did all of the research for buying the motor home, and insisted on test driving several. If I didn't like the feel, he didn't bother with it.

    I hope I will be allowed to do some of the driving. I think it will be more relaxing to be the driver, however Craig will probably be the backer upper and parker. We shall see!

  6. Well, in Dave's and my case, we both have blogs. He doesn't post much when we're not traveling, though, and I post a lot less when we're not traveling. Since he does the driving, that frees me up to take the photos while we are traveling. If we tried to combine our blogs, it would take much more time than each posting our own. This way each of our personalities comes out in our blogs. He usually beats me by posting first, though, but that's because I take more time to edit my pictures and to think about what I want to say!

  7. Jerry, that banner photo looks familiar ... and just as lovely here as it did on your photo blog. Thanks for the shout out on the Viewfinder.

    When we went to the Antarctic in 2007, I asked Hubby for just one sentence a day on his impressions to add to my voluminous notes and writings. No can do. He simply is not a writer. Now give him mechanical things to tinker with, or suggest the need to purchase something, and he's your man. I anticipate learning how to drive our motorhome (haven't had occasion to do more than drive it around the parking lot a couple of times so far), but I don't see Hubby letting me do it too frequently ... he simply enjoys the driving too much and knows that I'd rather be a passenger in any vehicle than a driver. Works out well as I can continue to write my blogs while we're tooling down the road.

  8. Mike is the blog writer in our house and he does an excellent job. He's also the #1 "driver". We are currently in Gillette at the Escapade. Today is the last day. We'll be heading home to Custer tomorrow.
    You've done a lot of sightseeing and visiting with family since you left North Ranch. Hope to see you again real soon.

  9. I think the men driving thing has been engraved in them since children. Same goes for women not driving. Some of us don't have a choice but to live outside the box. I'd love to have someone else do the driving. :)

    As for more women writing? Who knows, maybe we're just endowed with more blabber fingers...

  10. Your photos are all great captures. Congrats.
    BTW, I think men don't blog for two reasons. 1, they can't type and 2, they see it as 'women's work.' Especially the older men.

  11. Thanks for the shout-out. We have 2 bloggers in our family but on 2 completely different topics - rv'ing and quilting.

    Until you mentioned it in your blog, I had never thought about whether there were more women than men bloggers!

    I don't know what the reason for that might be, I'll have to give it some thought - good blog topic!!

  12. Since I am a single male fulltimer I have the job of both driving and blogging. I really enjoy doing both. I don't blog everyday as sometimes there is not a lot to say if I am staying in one spot for awhile.

    I really enjoy your header picture. I went through the Saguaro National Park last winter and loved the scenery.

  13. Dennis won't blog because it would take him 3 days to write one blog, using his "hunt and peck" method...and he can't spell either and refuses to use spellcheck. If I died tomorrow, there would be no more photos, no more blogging ...and no one in our family would get birthday,anniversary, graduation, or get well cards..:-))That much I'm sure of.

  14. I'm in the same boat as Jimbo. My cat, Jeepers, unfortunately does none of the driving or blogging. Incidentally, happened to e-mail me today while I just happened to be browsing your blog!!! (You are already on my blogroll as "Our Life on Wheels").


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