Monday, July 18, 2011


We have always believed in angels. No, not necessarily those creatures in white robes, wings and a halo, playing a harp, although we don't discount the possibility. We believe angels are scooting around where we don't expect them, looking over our shoulders, and guiding our judgment in many areas. We also believe they show up in human form at just the right time.

An example: on February 4, the day I joined the SKP Saguaro Board of Directors, the whole Board went out to lunch. After the meal, the Board President's husband suddenly collapsed. At least three or four angels appeared, in the form of Board members or spouses who were retired nurses and knew exactly what to do. Coincidence? They were there anyway when it happened? Perhaps.

Jim and Sandie Dixon have been stalled in Billings, Montana, with one after another service problem with their rig. Two friends were recently hospitalized; Jim and Sandie took the opportunity to visit them in the hospital. To me, that's angels at work. They didn't have to do that; lots of folks consider hospitals depressing places and would never think of visiting people who are sick.

We had our own angels here Saturday evening. Daughter Deb and her pal Albert were visiting for dinner and Mexican Train.

We had eaten outside at the picnic table (right next to the grill where I had prepared a dinner deluxe!).

Suzy was feeling tired, so she used her Coach Lift chair to go back inside, rather than taking the steps. That Coach Lift has been a real blessing for her. She would usually rather struggle her way up the steps on her own steam than have to rely on a mechanical device -- most of the time. This time she took advantage of the lift.

Suzy' first Coach Lift ride, February 4, 2010.
Deb, Albert and I had come in first; Suzy got herself seat-belted into the lift. Deb and Albert were watching the process from the living room couch, when all of a sudden, in Deb's words, "Hell broke loose!" Something gave way in the structure of the lift, and Suzy suddenly tipped forward and started yelling; she was beginning to pitch over the edge of the chair, held in position only by the seatbelt. Deb and Albert, in Suzy's words, "flew out the door." Me? I was in the kitchen area involved in something and didn't even hear the hubbub.

Once I realized something was wrong, I rushed to the door and saw "Mr. Smith" (you remember him as the man who moved his site three times to accommodate his family gathering) and two of the park's housekeeping staff, along with Deb and Albert, cradling and comforting Suzy as someone (I don't know who) was pushing buttons to lower the damaged carrier to ground level. I was unable to even get out the door with the crowd pressing in, and felt helpless. All I could do was look those five angels in the eye and mouth my "thank yous." Suzy was on the verge of hysteria, but one of the housekeepers continued in soothing tones to provide comfort.

Once down and stable, Suzy was helped up the stairs, and we moved on to a rousing game of Mexican Train (Deb won that game, a fitting victory for our #1 angel!).

Sunday was a day of mild discomfort for Suzy, but by evening she was hurting from all the physical trauma. Fortunately she has no psychological effect other than being terrified of that Coach Lift! I went out today and took pictures to demonstrate what seems to be the problem. As you can see, there is a significant frontwards and sideways slope to the chair's seat.

This picture shows the divergence that should not be there, between the two parts of the support arm.
Those two sticks should be parallel.
We will be in touch with the manufacturer of the Coach Lift, and we expect they will make things physically right with the equipment. That's all we want, make that right so we can go on and continue to enjoy ... Our Life on Wheels.


We mentioned Mr. Smith. After we posted about Mr. Smith's odyssey to find the best accommodations for his family group, some readers asked to see a picture of the final setup. Here it is: one motorhome with awning extended. one dining pavilion, and two family tents. Those guys seem happy, the kids aren't  yelling and screaming and tearing around, so we can't complain. Especially when "Mr. Smith" turned out to be an angel in human form!


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  1. Oh my goodness. I am so glad that Suzy is okay and that she was surrounded by Angels. I hope the company makes it right.

    That's quite an enclave Mr. Smith has set up and if they're all having a fun time, then it's all good!

  2. Hooray for Mr. "Smith" and the other angels. Things could have turned out a lot worse. Suzy, hope you are feeling better soon, along with the soon-to-be repaired coach lift. You may have to give that coach lift a personal name, like you did with Big Red, but hopefully it won't be have to be renamed the Coach Drop!

  3. This comment came from friends Nick and Terry Russell:

    We are so glad Suzy is okay! That must have terrified both of you!

  4. And this one from friend Mary Russell (no relations to Nick and Terry!):

    Wow - angels is (are?) right! Suzy, I hope your aches and terror have subsided!!!!!

  5. Glad to hear Suzy's o.k. Good thing that chair wasn't a catapult or Suzy might be surrounded by real angels right now!!

    Hope you get it fixed with no hassles.

  6. Very fortunate to have helping people so close at hand. I can only imagine the fear & helplessness Suzy would have felt at that moment. Just as shaky ladders, I would find it a bit difficult trusting that lift again but like they say, if you fall off a horse it's best that you get back up on it right away & continue your journey.

  7. I'm so glad that Suzy is ok and that you had help available when you need it. I believe we are all called upon to be angels at one time or another.

  8. Ellie and I are so happy that Suzy is okay. Hopefully the aches and pains from her tumble have greatly decreased by now too. Thankfully Mr. Smith and others were close by and willing to offer assistance. Angels were there for sure, both seen and unseen.


  9. I'm so happy to hear that Suzy is ok and I sure hope she is feeling much, much better today. The Lord definitely sends us "human" Angels when we need them. Gives you such hope in this world that seems kind of dreary at times. Isn't it neat that a family can have a get together without disturbing everyone else. Good for Mr. Smith.

  10. Oh, Suzy, how scary! Yes, I would imagine you had some physical aches and pains that came along later.

    At least in the RV'ing world (in our experience), folks are always ready to come to your aid. I think most of us like the opportunity to be useful/helpful - which you provided so thoughtfully. :)

  11. Thank goodness Suzy is ok -- surrounded by angels!

  12. Oh I definitely believe in angels, so totally with you there!

    By the way just nominated you for the 7 Links Challenge on my blog today, in case you'd like to join in. Nina

  13. Wow how scary for Suzy... It scares me just thinking about it. Sorry she had soreness but it could have been worse. I am sure the manufacturere will stand by their product and should give you a new one. Thank goodness for the ANGELS!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  14. Glad to hear Suzy is OK. God is GOOD!! Hugs to both of you...............Pat

  15. I'm tardy in reading blogs, so I just saw this posting. So glad Suzy's okay! That must have been terrifying. Thank goodness she always uses the seat belt. Hope you can get the lift fixed soon.

  16. So glad Suzy is okay for the most part. Will be interesting to see how the company handles things.

    And I believe in angels too....they come in many forms.


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