Wednesday, June 15, 2011



Do you know this kid? He had a kind of rebirth today, a renaissance, if you will, back to age 18.
This picture has its own story - maybe I'll tell it someday!
60 or so years ago, that young lad began attending Boy Scout Camp during the summers up in this area so near Yosemite National Park. 55 years ago he worked the summer on Junior Staff at the same camp, called Dimond O (that's when this picture was taken.). While the Dimond O Camp has always meant a lot to the kid, he also remembers a nearby establishment called Evergreen Lodge. He and his friends from Dimond O would often take the one-mile walk up the road to Evergreen Lodge for a soda or a shake, or just to get away for a couple of hours.

Dimond O has been gone for many years as a Scout camp, and now is just another Forest Service Campground. But Evergreen Lodge still stands as a restaurant and tavern, plus a whole lot more. It has been developed into a major resort attracting visitors from far and wide. Two of those attracted today were the 18-year-old kid and his wife. OK, the 18-year-old kid is now 73 and his wife is still quite young.

How did we find Evergreen Lodge? We found it beautiful and beckoning and welcoming. We had a delightful lunch there today. Oh you mean, how did we FIND Evergreen Lodge. We were playing with our new Garmin nuvi GPS, to see what more it could do besides misdirecting us many miles on an unnecessary back road. One of the opening screens asks “Where To?”

 One option is “Points of Interest,” and a sub-option is Food. That brings up a series of screens listing types of food: All Food, Mexican, Asian, Bagel or Donut, etc. I touched All Food, and Evergreen Lodge popped up, 6.7 miles away! Well, that must be as the crow flies, because the Suzuki had to travel at least twice that far.

(If Rick of Rick and Paulette can put in a tutorial, so can I!)

We of course drove to Evergreen Lodge, were captivated by the beautiful new resort, and by the cute young waitress who took this picture of us. We had a chicken Panini sandwich accompanied by a delightful Sauvignon Blanc.

On the way home, we noticed this ranch for sale. While the structures are probably totally unsound, the view was unspoiled. And we took these pictures with the windmill for Mike McFall.

This fence post picture is for Al of the Bayfield Bunch.

This evening was grilling time. We did a ball-tip roast, just big enough to cut into two nice steaks. And it was splendid!

What a fine ending for this Sunday in … Our Life on Wheels!


  1. Looks like just my kind of lunch!! Lovely spot!

  2. Do you both always wear matching shirts?? :)

  3. What fun this renaissance man and his young wife appear to be having! He's got a way with words and he's handy with a camera, too. He shows mastery of his GPS system, and even doubles as a California real estate salesman. What a fun post, Jerry and Suzy!

  4. It is great to relive your youth. Finding that eatery so close to you was providence.

  5. Always nice to travel down memory lane to old places that once brought so many pleasant memories of youth & days gone by. Just kind of puts things into perspective for awhile sometimes. That ranch for sale looks like my kinda place. D'ya think they might consider a $49 down payment:))

  6. Jerry, you haven't changed a bit! Nice to find a place you had fun at while you were just a kid. Glad you found a great place to have lunch. Thanks for the tour and pics!

  7. What a handsome young 18 year ols Jerry!!! GREAT post and GREAT photos!!! Loved it~
    Have fun & Travel safe

  8. What a wonderful trip down memory lane - not as a crow flies. You don't want to kiss anything!


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