Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We're still in Lone Pine

Yes, we're still here, and we're enjoying the area. However, Monday morning we decided we'd better look into the noise we've been hearing in the car. Of course, two mechanics could not hear it, even driving the car for a distance. It's a chirping noise that comes and goes, but never in the presence of a qualified mechanic!

Our first stop of the day was the Beverly and Jim Rogers Museum of Lone Pine Film History.

Lone Pine's apparent claim to fame.

Parking area for horses and wagons.
We had heard it was a free museum that gladly accepted donations. Wrong. It's $5 per person, and they gladly accept donations in addition. We had heard it was the best thing to see and do here in Lone Pine. Wrong again. While it was interesting enough, it was certainly not compelling and, to our tastes at least, overpriced. But that's what makes life interesting, isn't it -- different tastes.

Roy Rogers, the King of the Cowboys!

This is one of Nudie's Cadillacs. We saw another of them in Willcox, AZ. Nudie was a major deisgner and maker of rodeo and western film clothing.
You can't have a decent Western without a stage coach. And yes, that's John Wayne peering out the window.

We took the road toward Whitney Portal, a location we had visited a few years ago, this time to get some nice photos of Mount Whitney and the surrounding Sierra Nevada. Now THAT was interesting. Here are some of the photos.

Rick, how's that for an S curve? Or was it Al that talked about that?
The Alabama Hills region was the setting for over 400 movies!

When the Bayfield Bunch were here a couple of months ago, they boondocked in an area called Tuttle Creek Campground. This was a stretch for Al and Kelly, as they usually shun anything resembling a campground, preferring to rough it on their own. But they really liked this place, and upon inspection, so did we. If we return to Lone Pine in the future, that's where we will park it for a few days.

On the way back to Rosie in Boulder Creek RV Park, we stopped to buy some firewood (cutting down the local cottonwood trees is frowned upon). Then I whacked some of it with our newly purchased handaxe, split some into kindling, then --- oops, we don't have any matches, or even a fire lighter, so I had to go back to the park's minimart for a "clicker." The clerk asked me if we had marshmallows, and I allowed we didn't. Then she realized they were out of marshmallows, and suggested I drive a couple of miles to Diaz Lake. Then she remembered they are closed. So she then recommended I buy a "Smores Kit" for about $22. It consists of sticks, about a dozen marshmallows, a few graham crackers and some chocolate squares. I declined. Maybe another time!

This is what we were left with last evening.
This is what we had hoped for, except for the green grass.

Does this do something to your campfire appetite? This was in 2007.
In the meantime, we have both come down with a cold. We are taking it easy today, to try to ward off any worsening, so we won't see much that's new. So long until another day in ... Our Life on Wheels!


  1. Dang! The secret to great marshmallows is never letting them catch on fire! :)

  2. The sound may be very early break wear. Have them checked. Probably not a big problem right now, but that sounds like it might be down the road.

  3. Get over the colds! Go on up the road to Bishop, it might be warmer up there. You'll see Brown's Town campground as you go into town, right by the golf course. Outside of town on the North side, way past the casino, is a road to the left, Millpond Park and campground. Brown's Campground is nice with a little creek. You can have campfires there. No sewer hookups, or dump there. Brown's Town at the other end, has an RV sewer dump, but no sewer hookups. In town, the Highlands RV Park is a nice clean park, but you can't have a campfire unless you have your own approved fire thingie. Get well, and enjoy your time in the area. Don't forget to try breakfast at Jack's on Main St.

  4. We have some marshmallows left over from our trip - you want I should email them to you?? Well, at least it wouldn't cost $22 LOL!

    I agree about the Alabama Hills and the Tuttle Creek campgorund. Beautiful area.

    Hope you get to spend some time in Bishop if you continue north on 395. Don't forget...Jack's for breakfast and Schat's Bakery for all the yummy stuff! Have fun...

  5. Sorry to hear about your colds. Your cold firepit looks so forlorn!

  6. That's a pretty nice 'S curve' Jerry, but the photo is even better, LOL.

    The mountain photos are spectacular but so is the marshmallow roasting over the fire!

  7. Hmmmm, I don't recall having to pay $5 for that museum. Museum's are usually not our thing but we did make an exception with that one because of my 'old childhood cowboy interest.' Yes, the Tuttle campground is a very scenic place & we liked it there except for the speed bumps going in. Had there been a lot of people in the campground we would not have stayed there. We found a lot of great boon docking sites in the area & if we are back to Lone Pine again that's where we will stay.

  8. A $22 kit for s'mores?? What a racket!..Your pictures are great, and I really want to get to Lone Pine....As for a campfire, we have one whenever we can..even here at home. You two feel better..Maybe a couple nice Hot Toddys by campfire might be a good idea for tonight!

  9. So sorry you have colds. Bummer! And it's frustrating to have something wrong with a vehicle and not be able to duplicate the problem for someone who might be able to fix it! Thanks for the photo tour.


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