Friday, April 1, 2011


What a great outpouring of support and righteous indignation! At least three of you recommended writing a letter to the president of RV Renovators, and that's probably a good idea. By the way, Laurie and Odel of Semi-True Tales of Our Life on the Road gave us a link to RV Stripes, an agency that had done some work for them a few years ago. I contacted them, and they have given me a much more economical -- and respectful -- direction to follow. And Laurie, Val said to say hello!

A few of you commented that you couldn't see my pictures. That is not because they were taken overseas and you need a Visa or Passport to see them. No, I think the problem has to do with a glitch between Picasa, where I fix and store my photos, and Blogger, where I write my blogs.

Chris and Jim Guld of Geeks on Tour recently sent out a newsletter about an improved feature in Picasa called "BlogThis." "BlogThis" allows us to upload a bunch of pictures directly from Picasa into our Blogger blog, without having to go through Picasa WebAlbums. All three programs -- Picasa, Blogger, and Picasa WebAlbums, are free from Google, and are designed to work seamlessly together. Yeah, right. There are still seams, it seems. BlogThis works fine, Jim and Chris say, UNLESS you are working with a blog draft, which I was last evening. Heck - I can't even see those pictures myself.

So I'm going to load them again this time, but this time I'll use the tried and true Picasa WebAlbum approach.

Herewith, some of my better pictures from Bangladesh. Several more are available at our WebAbum, Bangladesh. For those like me who don't know where Bangladesh is, Bangladesh is crowded tightly between India and Myanmar (Burma).

 Bangladeshi taxi.
 This gentleman with his heavy load courteously stepped aside to let us pass.

 This young boy struggled to transport the two Americans on his bicycle taxi, part of the time on muddy roads! I was not allowed to get out and walk, but my lady friend was!
Again, you can see more of Bangladesh by linking to our WebAlbum. Thanks for stopping by again, to see part of ... Our Life on a different set of Wheels.


  1. Wonderful pictures. that's somewhere I will never get to in person so I really enjoyed looking at your photos.

    Glad you found another solution for your Rosie. And I agree, a letter would be in order. You were treated rudely.

  2. GREAT PICS! My bro (Jerry) recently traveled to India on a mission trip. Happy to hear you have another possibility for the work on your MH and I think a letter to the owner of RV Renovators is an excellent idea.

  3. Those are amazing photos, thanks for posting them. What a trip you had!

  4. Yep, I figured you would get some good responses & find something much closer to home:))

  5. Hope ya get her all spruced up... I wouldn't drive her up there in all that East Phoenix traffic, even if they did it for free.....

  6. WOW, those are some great pictures of a life I cannot even imagine....Thanks for sharing..


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