Sunday, March 20, 2011

It was a Fine Weekend

If you read Nick Russell's Blog Sunday morning, you know what we did Saturday. If you are not a regular reader of Nick's daily blog, especially if you are an RVer, you should ask yourself "Why Not?"

If you don't know Nick and his delightful wife Miss Terry, Nick is the writer, editor and publisher of the Gypsy Journal, the only RV newspaper published entirely on the road by full-time RVers. Nick has also written several RVing books, books on working on the road, books on publishing your own books, and a  host of other subjects. Nick and Miss Terry also host two annual rallies, the most recent one earlier this month in Yuma, Arizona.

We joined Nick and Terry at their current location, the Pima County Fairground in Tucson, to get a look at their custom re-designed 2002 Winnebago Ultimate Advantage, to spend some good chat time, and ultimately to share a bite at Little Anthony's Diner, attached to the Gaslight Theater. Great burgers, French fries, and enormous REAL milkshakes.

After lunch, we went outside for the necessary group picture. I used my Panasomic Lumix camera on a tripod, with the self-timer, so that I could be in the picture. Only at the end of everything did I realize that there was an umbrella pole between me and the rest of the group! Please ignore the pole.

We parted after lunch, Nick and Miss Terry heading for a family affair, and we took a short hop up to Costco where we stocked up on necessary and less necessary goodies., and filled the gas tank. After that, it was home to Benson for a fairly early bedtime.

Sunday was a special event, and of course I didn't take my camera. Being on the Saguaro Co-op's Board of Directors is not exactly a thankless task, but it does have some awkward moments. Today was not an awkward moment, however. A group of park residents got together and put on a feast to thank the Board for our service! We gathered, along with our spouses, in the main room of the clubhouse, where two huge round tables were set with formal dining ware. The afternoon started at a wine bar and comfortable, informal conversation. Shortly after1:00pm, we sat down to a fresh salad with choice of dressings, accompanied by sourdough bread just freshly baked this morning in the park's outdoor clay oven.

When we had eaten our salads, the tables were cleared, and we were served steaming plates of sauerbraten, potato pancakes with gravy, and red cabbage. My Bavarian-Lithuanian Suzy was in heaven! This is the kind of food she grew up with, and she proclaimed it delicious. (I did too!) Dessert was a fruit tart with a dollop of fresh whipped cream.

Accompanied by loud applause, Board of Directors President Maxine Vert proclaimed her thanks to the hosts and their helpers, then passed the microphone to each of us on the Board to add our own appreciation. The final person to speak called the hostess to the front and presented her with a card we had all signed, and a beautiful bouquet.

In the memory of all present, this was the first time any such Board appreciation effort had been made, and we were touched.

Such a nice weekend in ... Our Life on Wheels!


  1. Just yesterday as we were leaving the Meteor Crater RV Park near Winslow Arizona Kelly picked up a copy of Nick's Gypsy Life Journal in the office. That led to a conversation doing down the road about the logistics of doing that. Printing, distribution, etc. etc. I always find it interesting how people figure out & organize stuff like that & especially while traveling on the road.

  2. Suzy sounds like our daughter-in-law..She is Polish/Irish...and makes a porkroast with sauerkraut, dumplings and sour cream gravy....YUMMY...Sounds like you had a great time...but then two ALWAYS have a great time:-))

  3. Sounds like a great appreciation dinner especially with the fresh sourdough bread. Maybe this Board thing will be o.k. after all!!

  4. Ya can't see nick without eating,,,,that's about all he does...LOL

    looks like you did good!

  5. Oh how cool! We picked up a copy of Nick's Gypsy Life early last year and loved it. What a fun meet. Nina

  6. Can't agree with you on that, Mike. You know Nick well enough to know how hard he works (and Terry, too) to schedule and run his rallies, publish his paper, etc. Of course, he has a lot of fun along the way, visiting the out-of-the-way places to get story material and photos for the Gypsy Journal. And so he HAS to eat to keep up his strength!


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