Sunday, November 14, 2010

What Have I Gotten Us Into?

This is not a story that has its own pictures, so we'll show you some from our travels in the past. They are all timely, being "fall color."

Methodist Church, Meridian, Oregon
I can't begin to tell you what all we've been getting into recently.

Yes I can, and I will.

It's not enough that I'm co-chairman of the Propane Committee, and I have to be in charge fo the propane sales every Thursday morning. That means I have to be at the Propane place at 7:30, open up the booth, take all the readings, turn on the heat for the cashier. make sure we have enough help for the day, and direct the customers as they approach the bay.

It's not enough that Suzy is a member of the park's Rules Committee, and has input on the daily operations of this 297-member organization.

Outside our Saguaro SKP Co-op Park in Benson
It's not enough that I have taken on publishing the Escapees Chapter 21 newsletter several times a year. And Suzy is the Treasurer for Chapter 21, so between the two of us, we have to be at all the Chapter activities.

It's not enough that Suzy and I have volunteered to be liturgical readers at our parish church periodically.

Oh no, that's not enough.

South of us a little bit at St. David, Arizona

Last month I allowed my arm to be twisted, and became the one and only candidate for the office of Vice-President of Chapter 21! Oh, and that includes being wagonmaster for the year, and that we will host the big rally in October.

And was that enough? Guess what? This month my other arm was twisted, rather smartly, and I agreed to run for a position on the Board of Directors for our SKP Park. And that's a three-year commitment.

I say "run for" the position. As it happens, there are three positions coming open, and there are only three of us running for those three positions. Sounds like an open and shut case to me!

On the eastern side of the Sierra, Carson Pass, CA
Being on the Board is something that Suzy and I have talked about for some time, accepting the likelihood that one of us would be called for that job ... one of these years. We figured on getting a little better acquainted with how the Co-op works here, who the players are, and getting a little more travel under our belts before stepping up to the plate. Well, the plate seems to have stepped up to us!

Are we troubled and frazzled? No. Should we be? Maybe so. But when we joined Chapter 21, and when we joined this park as leaseholders, we understood that only with everyone volunteering, with everyone doing something, can this whole thing work.

At the San Pedro River west of Tombstone, AZ

Twenty years ago, a small group of individuals organized and built this park, doing most of the physical labor themselves, as well as deciding on organization, by-laws and rules. Many of those individuals still live here, and they have done their part -- some still are doing their part, and it's time for us to do ours. It's just all kind of coming to us at one time.

What I do know is that all of this will cut into our personal time. We'll have to skip going to one of our favorite rallies, the annual Western Gypsy Journal Gathering, held in Yuma in March. We won't be nearly as free as we had expected to be to jump in the motorhome and take off for a week or three when we feel like it.

But the present and past Board members, many of them at least, assure me that this we be a rewarding time for us. I guess we'll have to let you know as we continue on ... Our Life on Wheels!

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  1. I'm sure your new commitment will be rewarding, especially if the board gets along well together. I sympathize with being tied down and not being able to take trips!

  2. Well this sounds like a job to me, and I assume without pay.

    I hope that it works out well and you enjoy it. I recall a lot of my "volunteer jobs" were more thankless than regular work.

  3. Jerry and Suzy,

    If only everyone would "step up" occasionally, our world would be so much better! I think your setting a great example for others, both within the Chapter 21 organization and for the people who read your blog.

  4. I got myself into that kind of a fix years ago when my kids were little - working at the church, the school, coaching soccer, and being on upteen committees, President of Jaycee Wives, etc. I finally learned that I had to say "no". It hurt at first, but I was better off for having one it. The same folks do most of the work in organizations and are called upon because they are good and reliable. Just don't get buried undr a mound of obligations.

  5. After reading your post, I now know why I've never joined any clubs, groups, organizations and why I avoid rallies at all costs.

  6. We were very involved in a local art organization for years. Unfortunately all of the same people were doing all of the work. When we said no (along with some of the other old timers) the organization died.

    I guess it is all in what you want to go on.

    Like you said, everyone has to do their part.

  7. The people who twisted your arms know how to recognize good leaders, obviously! I hope you haven't filled your plates too full, and that you will reap enjoyment out of all the responsibilities. And it's great to be working with you, even in a small way! (Can't believe I'm actually using the word 'working' .)

  8. All these new commitments seem to be saying you both are feeling well and healthy. That's a good thing, huh?

  9. You are to be commended for your volunteer stuff..McGuyver and I try to avoid joining anything...Not that we are anti-social..but neither one of us like to be sheduled for anything now that we don't HAVE to be..Maybe that seems self-serving, but I hope not...You two must be great at what you do, that's why they want you both so much!!

  10. Your post reminds me of the 80 / 20 rule. After I realized that 80 % of the people watch the other 20% do the work.

    I hope you have the 20% to join you.

  11. Well, I just read your post & now I have to go lie down & recover!! Well, it's good that some people like all that sort of organized activity stuff but we sure are not two of them. I like to think that maybe we help in other ways. Like Rick & Paulette & Dennis & Donna, we are not club joiners but do sort of understand the people who are. But why so many activities & especially at this age & stage of the game when personal enjoyment & travel opportunities are more important than ever. Travel times are already getting fewer & farther between. Oh well, like the old saying goes, "different strokes for different folks." P.S. Did ya get the email I sent this morning...had trouble sending it.

  12. Saguaro SKP Co-op Park in Benson is a wonderful park. We stayed there last year.

    Thank you so much for your comment and thanks for following me.


  13. Now you both know you LOVE IT.....

    God Bless ya!!

    Go ahead and put up a picture of a TURKEY!!


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