Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More About the Bishop!

Last week we told you about our special Anniversary Celebration with the Bishop of Tucson.

We were surprised this week when Brenda, the Office Manager at our local parish, called all excited and told us that our Pastor, Father Mike, had directed her to the Bishop's "Monday Memo." The Bishop sends this memo out weekly by way of the diocesan website. Brenda told us the Bishop had written a section about us and our blog, and gave us the web address.

This is what he wrote:

From Screen Captures
If you can't read it in the picture, here's what it says:

Importance of Hospitality - I shared with you last week the wonderful experience of this year's Celebration of Marriage Mass at St. Augustine's Cathedral.

Among the couples celebrating their marriage anniversaries were Jerry and Suzy, who describe themselves in their "Our Life on Wheels" blog, as "old married folks, since 1960. After raising two daughters and helping with their kids, we hit the road in 2002 and haven't stopped since. We are full-time RVers - no house, no jobs, no lawn to mow, and like rolling stones, we gather no moss."

Their blog entry about what they experienced at the celebration is priceless. I think you will enjoy reading it. There is a beautiful example of the importance of hospitality in their account.

The Bishop even included a link to our blog! We tried it and it worked.

But what I am wondering is -- where did Bishop Kicanas come across our blog? We sure didn't tell him, or anyone else, that we write a blog. We didn't give anyone our traveling card that lists the blog address. Even though he is the Bishop of Tucson, I don't think he has supernatural powers to pick things out of the air. I guess the Diocese has a search engine that picks up Internet references to the Diocese or the Bishop.

However he found us, we were so pleased that he mentioned us on his website, and even put in the link to ... Our Life on Wheels


  1. What a lovely write-up by the Bishop of Tuscon, and link to your blog!

    As a definite ex-Catholic/Christian, my eyes usually glaze over when any mention is made of any thing religious, but this celebration of golden anniversaries touched me, and your account of the Bishop was a big part of that. This follow-up from him just shows what a fine person he is, and I'm thankful there are some clergy who are like that.

  2. How cool that the Bishop found you in your blog. Maybe he's a Google searcher or something? Ask him.

  3. Our blogs do end up in unexpected places on occasion.

  4. Jerry and Suzy, you might as well admit it. You are now famous! Congratulations!

  5. I'll just bet you & Suzy forgot you were wearing your caps & T-shirts the day you went to Tucson:))

  6. How nice to be recognized by the Bishop. Maybe that will net you some more readers/followers.

  7. That's neat Jerry,,,,You "know" why it happened....God does things like that. Whether your eyes glaze over or not,,,he does it... AMEN!!

  8. I believe like Mike that The Lord has his hands and eyes in everything and sometimes works in surprising ways. No matter your 50 years and your devotion to each other is certainly a recognizable accomplishment. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


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