Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wattle I do?

I have long been fond of saying "I don't mind growing older, but I never want to grow old." And I will keep on saying that!

Yesterday when I went to trim my beard, which had grown quite shaggy, I set the beard trimmer at "1" rather than the usual "4." Oops! Once started, though, I had to finish with the close cropped look.

This morning I looked into the bathroon mirror and saw a WATTLE! And not a simple single wattle, but a double wattle! What's that about? My father had a wattle, but he was "old!" I'm not "old!" I'm just 72.

Yes, my head of hair is far more salt than pepper, but that's just maturity showing. Yes, I have those dark spots on the backs of my hands and on my arms, but my dematologist assures me those are wisdom spots.

Sure, I creak and groan a bit more when I get up out of bed or my easy chair, but that's just because I'm still recovering from my knee replacement!

And when I open a kitchen cupboard, I sometimes ask Suzy if she knows what I'm looking for.

But I'm not old! I still have a lot of life ahead of me (quite a bit has already gone by, as well, but that's another story altogether). I've got plans! Why, next year, we're going to plant a palo verde tree in the back yard. We still have road trips to take. We have places to go, people to see, things to do.

So, where was I going with this post? Darned if I know. I've gotten this far, maybe I'll just stop and smell the bacon frying at this stage of...Our Life on Wheels.


  1. First of all..Love the new look! Second of all...Have you seen MY # CHINS??? Either I was in denial, or blind..but I just discovered all of this "turkey skin" at age 40...Dennis just said.." No big deal..you've had it since we got married"...WHAT??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? I immediately went into our archives of photos..and...he is right..Then I looked at my mom's pics...hereditary...which makes it easier to live with..BUT..if we ever win the lottery..I'M GOING FROM A TURKEY TO A SWAN!!!

  2. First of all...I like the new look..Second of all, I have sported a wattel (or whatever you call it)most of my life...Dennis says I've had it since we met..Thanks Den..some things are better left unsaid...At any rate...I got out old pictures of my mom...and , yep..there it is..the dreaded Turkey Gobbler wattle...So...I have adjusted to it..however..If we ever win the lottery...I WILL SEE ABOUT ADJUSTING THE TURKEY WATTLE...REST ASSURED!!!!

  3. That man you see in the mirror is not old....he is wise with experience and wisdom. Something the younger generation would love to have. You and Suzy are just right.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  4. Jerry, your posts are always filled with honesty and humor. You always write such great stuff. And I wasn't going to even mention that wattle, but now that you did..........:)

  5. Well...you could avoid looking in the mirror, but that might have a more dire consequence.

    My creative juices on the subject of wattles are deserting me tonight, so I'll share with you two quotes from the internet:

    "To some it's a double chin, to others a sexy skin flap, and to a precious few wild thangs, it's what makes them delightfully distinctive!"

    And this quote was my favorite: "If God gave it to you...why not flaunt it for all it's worth!"

  6. I had no idea what a wattle was until I read the comments, now I think I do. I like the new look Jerry, it makes you look younger. I'll have to be careful with my beard trimmer although I pretty much use the 1 setting anyway!

  7. You're reflecting the same thoughts that many of us are feeling. But, even with the signs of age, the aches and pains, the surgeries (and accidents) and recoveries, life is still grand, ain't it?

  8. And here I thought that I was the only one that had these ruminations.

    As long as you can laugh at yourself, live is good. :)

  9. about age..
    People used to come to our house and visit my Mom over Memorial Weekend when they were in town for their 40th or 50th class reunions. I was young and those people were OLD!
    People have started making plans for our 40th class reunion next year. I'm not going..... I'm just not there in my head.....

    you look good for an old guy!

  10. I guess us guys are pretty lucky to be able to cover our wattles with our whiskers. A lady growing whiskers to cover her wattle would be a bit of a ditracting site defeating the purpose of hiding her waddling wattle in the first place.


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