Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It Ain't Rice Krispies!

That popping noise you hear isn't Rice Krispies' SNAP CRACKLE POP.

Nope, it's my knee acting up. Not to go into a deep session of organ recital, but my knees have been a problem for a few years. Back in aught-four (for you youngsters that's the year 2004) I had a left knee arthroscopy. Dr. Padilla went in and fixed some problems. Six weeks later, I opened the door of the motorhome and stepped out, only to realize that the automatic steps had failed to open up, and I was S-O-L, two feet above the ground. I went down on my right leg, while the newly repaired left leg stayed firmly in place on the upper step.

Undaunted, the two of us proceeded on our life as if everything was fine.

More recently, my right knee has become irritated, to the point of being unstable and painful. Now, when I attempt to stand up from my comfortable (and quite low) La-Z-Boy recliner chair, the noise is deafening! POP! SNAP! So far, thank goodness, I haven't had a crackle! This morning, both knees popped in unison, and Suzy had to cover her ears!

For over a year I have been wearing this Mueller knee brace on my right knee. Actually, in that time I have worn out two sets of braces, and am now working on my third. The brace acts as a stabilizing influence, but still there is pain and discomfort.

We found a new orthopedic surgeon who will do a total knee replacement for me on June 2. Wow, how wonderful! But based on Suzy's (and others') past experience, there will be several weeks of intense physical therapy and pain to undergo. I'll have to do exercises at home, and Suzy will be my care gver.

I mentioned my comfortable, but low, recliner. Suzy has one too.

This is Suzy's La-Z-Boy Recliner

Some time back I built a new base under her chair out of 4X4s.

I'll want to do the same for my own chair, to facilitate getting out of it after surgery.

So today I got started. Our SKP Saguaro Co-op Park has a facilities department with several woodworking tools available to all leaseholders and renters.  I was able to dust off my old skills and cut dados in a pair of 4X4s that will hold the base of my chair.

Clean up is necessary in a shared wood shop.

Next I will have to cut the 4X4s to length and face the framework with some good quality 1X4 stock that has been waiting for me in the living room for a couple of months.

Suzy knows that I have never been one for completing a project all the way, so she offered some time ago to stain and varnish the visible surfaces of both her and my chair supports. Right now, I'm not overly concerned with pretty and shiny, I just want to make it easier to get into and out of my chair. And that's about to happen!

See you again soon in ... Our Life on Wheels!


  1. Yes, those low chairs are a pain!
    Everyone wondered why I bought a couch that is higher up than most.
    Maybe they will figure it out when they get to my age.

    Very best with your knee.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  2. Ooooh, that 'PoP & Snap' went through me like fingernails on a chalkboard when I read that. Well, at least they put you on a short list for that surgery & you don't have to wait & stew for 6 months. Just think, in less than a month from now the surgery will be well behind you & you will be on your way to getting out & kicking around the old soccer ball again. And that looks like a pretty professional & substantial chair support.....even without the varnish. You do good work pardner:)) Oh ya, & that's quite a set of legs ya got there!!

  3. If that knee is being so problematic, now is certainly the time to get that surgery done. Hopefully, this will be just what you need to get moving again and be pain free. How wonderful that would be. Those chair risers are really great and you did a fine job with those power tools.

    Have a great week.

  4. Oh Jerry we are so sorry to hear about your knees. I know the ordeal of knee replacement doesn't sound too exciting but everybody we know that has had this surgery went on to rave about how much better they feel....no pain. Mike struggles with his left knee and has also had the laparoscopic surgery several years ago.

    We have the same Lazy-boy chair and I like the idea of building it up as you did. :)

    Good luck,
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  5. Sorry to hear that you need a total knee replacement, Jerry. But it's good that you are thinking ahead of what you'll need during your time of recuperation.

    About 9 years ago, when I had nerve damage in my legs, Dave had to put our couch up on cinder blocks because it was too low for me otherwise. That was very helpful and luckily for me, a solution that I needed only temporarily.

  6. The way you described it, I could almost hear your knees cracking and popping from here! That's quite the brace you wear on your knee too! Nice idea, and job, on building the base for the lazy boy chair. Getting a whole new knee is pretty amazing when you think about it! I don't envy you the physiotherapy afterwords though! I'm sure it will all work out better in the end.

  7. Can't wait for you to be over and be able to travel again. Hopefully next time around we will be able to go hiking together!

  8. I have had the surgery and did a blog about it. Start with December 2009 Countdown and read to January 2010 Sunday Morning... If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me as I would be happy to answer any questions you might have. dasusmusings.blogspot.com

    Good Luck and Happy Trails...


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