Saturday, April 10, 2010

Back to Normal?

Friday evening was the start of getting back to normal. Normal, what's that?

Friday evening we met Rick and Paulette face to face over dinner at Palatiano's, a nice little hometown restaurant here in Benson. They serve excellent Italian food. Rick and Paulette, for those who don't know them, are a great pair.

They come from Cowichan Bay, British Columbia, they winter in the great southwestern part of the USA, and they both blog. Rick writes about their travels (click HERE to see Rick's blog), and Paulette writes about quilting (and, shame on me, I don't have a link to Paulette's blog!).

Rick and Paulette are circling back home by way of New Mexico, Utah, and wherever else they are going. They stopped three nights in Benson as a base for seeing Bisbee, Tombstone, Tucson, and us! They even made a quick trip to Chiricauhua National Monument.

After dinner, the four of us beat it back here to the SKP Saguaro Park so we could show off off our newly completed casita, chow down on carrot cake, and swap stories of the RVing life. Yeah, we're getting back to normal.

We had promised Rick three dozen Cowboy Cookies as a thank you for a lot of help he gave me some time back, walking me through some irritatingly complex computer problems. Here's the cookie presentation.

So -- what are we "getting back to normal" from? Here's what: this past week we attended a SKP Chapter Rally. That's not so much, but Suzy is treasurer of the Chapter, and became too deeply involved in preparations, arrangements, and negotiations during the prior two months. It was a trying period for us. We'll write a blog about that soon.

During the full month before we left for the rally, our casita was being remodeled, so our computers, our files, our records of our life, were either piled onto and around our dining room table or stored out of reach elsewhere.  While this was going on outdoors
this was going on inside.
We had to eat our meals at a folding table and life was a pandemonium of clutter. All of Suzy's rally work had to be done on that crowded table!

We'll write a blog about our remodel after the casita office is reassembled, with decorations and files all in place. We are amused and regretful that Rick was able to publish a picture of us in our new desk area before we could!

In and among all of this, we were running back and forth to Tucson, 100 mile round trip each time, for medical visits. In the six weeks prior to the rally, and while overseeing the remodeling, we made nine trips to Tucson for 11 different medical visits, plus two dentist visits and one physical therapy session right here in Benson.

So we think we are returning to normal now, but it's hard to answer the question: "What is normal in ... Our Life on Wheels?"


  1. Boy poor Suzy's had a lot of traveling in addition to her duties with the rally. I'll bet she really will be glad to slow down,Hope it all gets more bearable soon. Be safe. San & Donna

  2. Rick may have beaten you with a pic of the two of you in the casita, but you will have the honor of taking us all on a full tour. Can't wait to see everything in it's place. Glad you all enjoyed such a nice visit together.

    You can take a break now that the rally is over, and think about all of that organizing you have to do in the casita.

  3. Looks like all you guys were just having way too darned much fun down there. Palatianos, carrot cake, cowboy cookies, etc. Nice that everyone got to meet each other. It's quite an RV world we live in isnt' it............:))

  4. Hey Jerry and Suzy, thanks again for your wonderful hospitality last night. Paulette and I had a great time and we really enjoyed meeting both of you. By the way, the Cowboy Cookies were absolutely delicious - every bit as good as you said they were. We went through about a dozen on the way to Las Cruces today.

    Sorry about the Casita! That's where the picture was taken so I just assumed it was o.k. to talk about it. It's a great remodel and I'm sure you'll do a much better job when you write about it.

    Thanks again - rick and paulette!

  5. Wow so glad your getting back to normal and finally you met Rick & Paulette... What fun! Loved the casita and you guys looked great sitting there... Now for reorganizing! Have fun & travel safe...

  6. I'm just now getting around to reading your blog because we visited some friends in Cave Creek after the Chapter 21 rally ended. Thanks for all your hard work on the rally. When we host the one in Parker next January, we'll make sure the Treasurer's work is limited to receiving $$$! And the hosts will do all the other stuff! Can't wait to see your finished Casita.


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