Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Golly, we feel like celebrities! Last evening we had a delightful visit with two delightful people, Bruce and Margie. Margie writes a daily blog about their RVing life -- check it out at Bruce and Margie. They have been fulltiming for years, have visited every state, and have seen so much. But they do it differently (don't we all do it differently?)

Margie and Bruce have a home park in Tumwater, Washington that they return to during the winter holiday season (to celebrate with family, including their "Grands") and again in the summer. In between they travel and write wonderful descriptions of what they see and do. Neat people!

But what makes us feel like celebrities? First of all their description of us, our own blog, our casita, and our tales of our travel. Margie devoted her whole blog last night to describing their visit with us.

Secondly, the number of comments she received, especially from others who have also visited us here in Benson! Donna (Squawmama) and Ralph were here just a short time ago -- Donna has a neat blog also, which you can see at Our Adventures with Tassie. They left a comment with Margie.

Al (the "Cursmudgeon") and Kelly both left comments with Margie. Take a look at Al's blog: Travels with the Bayfield Bunch. Al is probably one of the most gifted bloggers in the whole wide world.

Both of these nice couples have spent time with us at our home and out to dinner. Actually, Al and Kelly had Christmas dinner with us at our home.

All of this got us to thinking about other bloggers we have met up with: we knew Sharon and Don before Sharon started her blog, Gypsy and Mariner's RV Adventures. Ken and Vicki King are sometime bloggers -- Kings on the Road. Motty and Patti have visited us here in Benson -- TraveLiving Journey, including a dinner out.

Howard and Linda of RV-Dreams Journal invited us to their afternoon circle of friends, and came for an evening dessert. We've spent lots of time -- and not nearly enough time -- with Nick and Miss Terry of The Gypsy Journal. Nick also writes Bad Nick's Blog. You gotta check that one out!

This celebrity stuff is overwhelming! Joy and Phil of Backroad Chronicles have shared meals with us and visited us here. They've been off the road for a while because of Joy's open heart surgery, but they are headed out again soon.

RV Chuckles chronicles the life and travels of Darlene and Terry, also visitors in our home. Darlene is an author who has written about the RV life in two books about the "Chuckles and Chuckholes" of the lifestyle. Darlene even included part of one of our blogs in her second book!

We met Art and Connie Art and Connie's RV Adventures before they actually decided to go fulltime. They visited us in a Thousand Trails park in California to pick our brains about how the lifestyle works. Their latest post comes from San Antonio, Texas.

Athough we haven't shared a meal with Mike and Pat, Mike and Pat's Travels, they visited with us at our motorhome and we've seen them at a number of rallies, where they have been vendors.

We met Jim and Chris, Geeks on Tour, at a rally where they were vendors and presented a seminar entitled "Every RVer Needs a Blog." Chris came to our motorhome to help with a computer problem. It was their presentation that got us hooked up with Blogger.

Are we celebrities after all? No, not really, but we have met and visited with and shared meals with so many other RVing bloggers, all of whom have left an impression on us, and helped shape our RV life. Thanks to you all for sharing ... Our Life on Wheels!


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely visit with Margie & Bruce... Thanks for mentioning us again. We really enjoyed our time with you both and in our eyes you are special... Have a great day and Stay safe...

  2. Awww, shucks Jerry! Those were such nice things you said about us. We enjoyed our evening with you and Suzy so much.

    Bruce and I are just a couple of yahoo's out here in the RV world still trying to figure it all out and have a great time doing it!

    I know we will see you and Suzy again in the future! Have a great week ahead.

  3. I read Margie's blog this morning and she did a great job of describing what a wonderful evening she had. I'm hoping that in a week or so, you'll be able to add our names to the list of bloggers who have visited you and Suzy!

  4. Wow! What a collection of RV bloggers! Now I have to check them all out. Will I ever get away from the computer? See you soon.

  5. Thanks for the "shout out" in you list of bloggers. We are suffering from "hitchitch" and more than ready to hit the road. With luck, we'll be seeing you soon.


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