Friday, March 12, 2010

We Meet Squawmama, and An Open Invitation

Yesterday we met Squawmama. Most of our fellow bloggers know Squawmama from her blog, Our Adventures with Tassie. (Click the highlighted phrase to be magically conveyed to her blog.) We learned that Donna and her husband Ralph were in Benson for a few days, seeing our area, and invited her to contact us. She did, we met for dinner at Palatiano’s, our local Italian / American restaurant, then adjourned to our place for dessert.

Donna and Ralph regaled us with stories of their travels, then burst into a hymn of angelic praise for Winnebago Industries and especially the service crew at Winnebago’s headquarters in Forest City, Iowa. Donna and Ralph have had some serious problems with some of their motorhomes, and the gang at Forest City bent over backwards to make everything right.

By the way, our experiences at Forest City, while our problems were not so drastic, have been just as positive. That is one reason why Winnebago did not suffer through this past economic situation as badly as many other RV manufacturers. Winnebago is one prime company,making prime motorhomes, then standing behind them with prime service.

After cake and coffee, Ralph and Donna made their way back to Cochise Terrace to be ready for their departure today.

Now about that Open Invitation. All of our readers are cordially invited to share the celebration of our 50th wedding anniversary later this year. Our family will be gathering here in Benson, and one of the items on the agenda will be a potluck dinner in the park’s clubhouse. Suzy and I will provide a basic meat item or two, and we ask everyone else to bring a dish to share. We’d be honored to have our blog readers come and celebrate with us.

Now, here’s the tough part. The anniversary celebration will be the week of August 1 – 9, Sunday to Sunday. Everybody has plans for the summer already, we understand, but we also know that many RVers carve their schedules and plans in Jell-O, so we hope some of you can see a way to join us.

Arizona is hot in summer, yes, but Benson is higher and not nearly as hot as Tucson, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Yuma, etc. We’ll probably be a little over 100 during the day, but the evenings cool down nicely in our desert, and the humidity is low.

Our park will have lots of open sites in August, and non-Escapees can register as our guests (although you still gotta pay the low daily rate of about $17 per day for full hookups). There may be an additional charge for electric usage.

As you think about your summer, please let us know if you can come, so we can have plenty of champagne ready for everyone. We’ll remind you every once in a while so you don’t forget!

If you do come, you’ll even be able to see the wonderful remodeling job that is going on in our casita right now.
Salomon and Paco are doing a fine job, and the place is going to be perfect!  Here Saloman is wokring on the new door, replacing the "phony" door that had been slapped up years ago.
Paco is doing the corner painting before applying the roller to the larger area.
Of course, by August, we’ll have time to mess it up, but that’s how it goes, in … Our Life on Wheels.


  1. Thanks for the invitation!! How very nice of you folks.

    That looks like one fine casita you got going there for ya. I think you'll enjoy the space very much.

    Nice to read about your meeting with another great blogger.

    Have a good weekend.

  2. Would love to be there for your anniversary celebration but we will be on the road with the carnival here in the Pacific Northwest. I hope you get lots of company for your special week.

  3. It's great that you got to meet Donna and her husband - I'll bet you had a good time chatting! Donna is one of my favourite bloggers and I'm really hoping we get the chance to meet up with her some day.

  4. Hi Jerry & Suzy... We sure had the best time with you guys and really enjoyed meeting you. I guess we did talk a lot... You can tell we haven't been around people too much the last 3 months and were glad to be chatting with friends... Looks like the Casita is coming along nicely! Soon it'll be done and you guys will have it all decorated and be moved in... It will be a GREAT den. Thanks for the invite to your special event. We'll see what we can do to make it. Have a wonderful day & travel safe!

  5. I would love to meet Donna,,,and her husband. I may get to in SD, but they will be there early.. Sorry we haven't been reading much,,been rallyin!!
    Wish we could make your celebration,,but you know where we will be...Going to Montana with the truck and Harley most of Aug. (I hope) We been planing that trip for years!!!
    Good Blog, Man!!! No FOOD!!!:-)


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