Friday, February 12, 2010

We’re Back

My grandmother used to sing a song that started, “Where have you been, Billy Boy, Billy Boy?” One might ask where we’ve been. Well, we’ve been right here, doing nothing big, but a bunch of little things.

Before going farther, however, I’ve gotta say hello and welcome to some nice folks who have joined us as followers (we now have 58! Thank you all!) Our newest followers are:Cindy; Mary Ann and William; “uuesley”; Sam and Donna; Thelma and Skip; Kenny and Angela; “utcventures”; and Hugh Handyguy. I’m betting some of those names are noms de plume.

One thing that has been taking up our time is that we seem to be working full-time again! Suzy has joined the park’s Rules Committee (a fairly easy assignment) and has been elected Treasurer and Membership Chairman of the Escapees Chapter 21 (a big assignment!). I’ve been duped into being the Co-Chairman of the park’s Propane Committee. Right now, Suzy and I are tearing apart the entire membership program of the Chapter and re-writing it, updating forms and procedures. When I was a grocery clerk years ago we called that “head down, elbows out.”

Oh, I nearly forgot: we are also members of the park’s Clubhouse Committee, in charge of special graphic projects. The Committee Chairman suddenly needed reprints of Valentine’s Day table cards (4 copies of each of 8 cards, and we had to re-design one of them). That wasn’t a big project, but it took one evening of searching through various computer files, then designing one new card, and printing the rest

Last post we talked about meeting Motty and Patti Chen. They visited us once again for an evening, and are now on their way west into and across California.

A few nights ago, Suzy had a fall getting out of bed and ended up wedged into an extraordinarily narrow space between the bed and the trailer wall. Luckily she didn’t hit her head as she fell, but she was totally immobilized from the waist up. It took me maybe 20 minutes to haul her out of the space, as her legs were twisted and she couldn’t use her arms at all for leverage. I had to tow her out by her feet,

Next it was the question of getting her off the floor. Those of you who know Suzy know that she is a large lady, and you also know she just had a shoulder replacement, so she could not allow me to tug on both her arms (I might have come away with one of them in my hand!), There was no way we could do it in the area we had and with our elder capacities. Answer? Call 9-1-1.

In a matter of minutes, a police cruiser responded, and five minutes later three Benson Fire Department EMTs showed up. At 11:30 pm, two vehicles out front with rotating and flashing red lights; always nice to give the neighbors some excitement! Two of the EMTs locked arms and had her up in no time. All is well, except for some extreme bruising and a little backsliding on her left arm recovery.Hurray for EMTs!

(So far we haven’t shown you any pictures. Let’s remedy that.)

One evening coming back from a visit to Sierra Vista we stopped in at the Holy Trinity Monastery in the tiny town of St. David. The monastery, about 10 miles south of our park, is run by the Benedictine fathers. They educate newly professed monks, raise and sell pecans, operate a bare-bones RV park, and host community events. Our goal was to find photo ops using the setting sun. We did.

This Celtic cross was donated to the monastery several years ago when it’s intended location, about 50 miles away, was blocked by legal action.IMG_5203This bronze Madonna sits in a bower opposite the Chapel and perfectly captures the setting sun..IMG_5200

Today, Saturday, we actually took a daytrip, and we’ll be writing about that shortly (if I can write anything shortly!). Thanks for coming back into …Our Life on Wheels.



  1. Suzy So very glad you weren't seriously injured in your fall. Some spaces in our homes are really tight and what was easy in times past isn't so easy anymore!! Enjoy all your new activities (jobs) they are lucky to have you two willing volunteers. The picture of the Celtic Cross through the trees was impressive - it looks quite large.
    Take Care Barb & Bob

  2. Thank you for your kind welcome Jerry and Suzy. Hope Suzy is feeling better after that fall and the shoulder surgery. We enjoy reading your blog and viewing your nice pics.

  3. Sorry to hear about Suzy's fall but glad she is OK - my grandmother sang that song too - another line says "she can bake a cherry pie quick as a cat can wink its eye - she's a young thing and can not leave her mother" You never know what will jog a memory - I've been following your blog for several months & enjoy it very much - Happy Trails - Cindy L (Moonfly13)

  4. So glad to hear Suzy's doing o.k. after that fall. It seems as we get older the bumps and bruises just keep on coming! No wonder you haven't posted much lately - who'd have time with all those committee jobs you both have!

  5. From a writer's point of view your post this morning of Suzzi's wedginess had us both laughing. From the point of view of you or Suzzi being the participants....not so good!! Readers are waiting with baited breath for the photos:)) Want to see that 'locked arm' manuever & we never knew you had a 'towing' license.
    Just reading all that committee stuff wore me out & I had to take a 20 minute snooze to recuperate. Being involved in so many functions how are you ever going to manage more road trips. Priorities, priorities!!!!

  6. I am getting caught up on blog reading sorry to learn about Suzy falling. Very glad to learn she was seriously injured. Best wishes to her.

  7. We really don't believe Margie said it that way - she must have "brain to finger" failure like I do sometimes! But we appreciate her intention!

  8. OH..Jerry and Suzy! Thank you for realizing that my fingers were working faster than my brain (as usual) Of course I mean't WASN'T seriously injured.

    Thank you for understanding and taking no offense!! You're nice folks.


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