Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Domestic Day

Note from Jerry: this post was supposed to have gone out Friday night. Life got in the way. Sorry, but here it is now!

The day started out a little wintry, but that was OK because we had a boatload of domestic stuff to do today. After breakfast it was dishes, three days worth. We seldom let dishes pile up, but yesterday was very busy, and we hadn’t done a lot of cooking or eating at home recently anyway.

Next we assembled a new bookcase for the living room. Suzy’s current regime calls for her to rest for an extended period now and again, with her feet higher than her head. The only place to do that is in my La-Z-Boy recliner. since her chair does not tip that far back. But she needed a place for her water bottle and an intercom speaker to summon me, if needed, from the casita. Now she has that.IMG_5133

Another project was to frame several of our photographs for a display in the park’s club house in February. We selected and printed them last evening; today we trimmed them to fit the frames, cleaned the glass in each frame, and assembled the package. Tomorrow we take them to the project chairperson.

What pictures did we choose to display? These!

“A Texas Morning.” We were in a nice campground in Texas our first year out. At breakfast one early morning, I looked out the open door of the motorhome and saw this view. Couldn’t pass up the picture.A Texas Morning.jpg

Fireworks over Clearlake in Iowa. First time we were ever able to get good fireworks pictures, and we got a bunch. Never have done it since.IMG_5617

Fall color just south of us in St. David, AZ, at the Western Horizons RV Resort.IMG_4641

A black throated sparrow at a park we stayed in near Florence, AZ.02 Black Throated Sparrow at DG 03

Chili peppers in the field near Hatch, NM.IMG_4299

A basket of tomatoes in a fruit stand not far from Casa Grande, AZ.05 Vegetable stand La Palma 07

North Peak, from Mescal, AZ.IMG_4967

Chili ristra at a roadside stand near Florence, AZ.05 Vegetable stand La Palma 05

“Looking Back into History.” One of my favorite pictures of Suzy , in the little ghost town of Barkersville, BC, on a gloomy day.Looking Back into History

The “Town Hall” in Gammons Gulch, just north of Benson.100_2745

Horn players in Leavenworth, WA. A middle school band visiting the town and playing a concert.H Town of Leavenworth J10 fixed

And a passageway in Antelope Canyon, outside of Page, AZIMG_2611

Some day we are thinking we’d like to do a one-couple show here in the park. We’ve got lots of pictures to choose from, and we ain’t shy while

living  … Our life on Wheels!


  1. Wow! Awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your photos are beautiful!

  3. Great pics, Jerry. They will certainly make a beautiful statement showing just a few of the places you've toured in your RV. I'm sure everyone of your friends there at the park will enjoy it.

  4. What superb photos! I definitely think you should do that photo exhibition. Maybe even enter in a contest?

  5. Great photos guys & that one of Suzi in the big comfy chair looks pretty relaxing too. I remember seeing some of those pics when we were at your place on Christmas Day. Good stuff:))

  6. Those are all terrific pictures, Jerry. If there's a prize for best pics, you should be right near the top. The one of the passageway in Antelope Canyon is a real beauty! Looking at Suzy in your Lazy Boy, I'll be surprised if you ever get that chair back - she looks very, very comfortable in it!

  7. WOW...what gorgeous pictures!! You look like a pro. Hope you and Suzy are doing ok....Susie does look very, very comfortable in the chair. Do you have 2 of them?

  8. Beautiful pictures!!

    Donna Daniel

  9. Great pictures, like to see more sometime. It looks like Suzy is getting along and has figured out how to get you under control.

  10. Fabulous photos, guys!!!! Thanks for sharing!

    Suzanne & Brad


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