Thursday, December 10, 2009


We wrote briefly the other day about a problem with SPAM coning into our blog’s comments, and Rick kindly showed us how to block that.

The blog post reminded us of a different kind of Spam, the kind in a can, and our visit in 2003 to the Spam Museum in Austin, Minnesota. We had just visited the Wisconsin Dells and were on our way to the Winnebago-Itasca Travelers (WIT) club’s Grand National Rally in Forest City, Iowa.

SPAM Museum 1 An afternoon spent at the Spam Museum was a nice break from traveling. We started the day with brunch at Johnny’s Restaurant across the street from the museum, feasting on Spam and French toast and eggs. Then to the museum. What a blast!

SPAM Museum 4 We learned more about Spam than we ever felt there was to learn. But it was a kick because the Hormel Company has a tremendous sense of humor about this product, coupled with a tremendous pride in all their products.

SPAM Museum 5 We really enjoy eating Spam, but then we weren’t in the trenches during World War II, where Spam was a staple that our guys learned to hate. At the museum we bought five cans of Spam, in flavors you don't often see: BBQ, Hot & Spicy, Spam with Cheese, Hickory Smoke, and Garlic. The garlic flavor Spam is not even sold in this country except at the museum. It’s packed for sale in Korea and Japan!

On another trip through Minnesota, this time in 2006 after the WIT club’s Grand National Rally, we stopped at Blue Earth, MN, to visit the Jolly Green Giant. P7220015

The Giant has stood proudly overlooking his valley and the fertile Midwestern fields since 1979. He stands 55 feet tall and has a smile 48 inches wide!P7220019

IMG_5735 While Suzy visited with the folks in the Valley, I tried to mimic the Giant, standing between his size 78 shoes. My shoes are only size 14, but I struck a pose just like his.


In the seven years we’ve been full-timing, we have seen natural splendors, historic sites, amazing structures and interesting people. While we are temporarily off the road, we’ll try to revisit with you some of the highlights of the more mobile parts of … Our Life on Wheels.

In the meantime, welcome our newest followers, Jean in Gleeson at the Shoebox Ranch, and John and Bridget, calling themselves FD5. They are Followers # 47 and 48.

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  1. Thanks for the cute story on the Spam Museum. We want to go there at some point in the future. Nice photos of the Jolly Green, too.

  2. WOW,,what do you know,,,I'm your first comment.... My comment is Nice Blog.....

  3. Yes I know about Spam. When growing up in the late 40's my mom would fix Spam in all kinds of ways. My favorie though was fried Spam with eggs. I also enjoyed those Spam sandwiches in my school lunch.Wasn't aware of the different flavors they offer.

  4. Yup, I've had Spam sandwiches for school lunches, fried spam too. Haven't seen for years and years though, so thanks for the reminder. Now, I hate to be picky, but you might want to look at your first sentence for a wee typo....hee hee!!

  5. Well if I tell the truth I don't like spam, but enjoyed the story.
    Ray and I don't get to travel ( to many animals) so it's nice to follow your blog and see the States through your eyes. Thanks.

  6. I COULD say I left that typo especially for Rick to find -- he's getting back at me for finding one in his blog. I didn't leave it purposely, but what the heck, we're all human! Now re are even, Rick!

  7. Hey Jerry & Suzy... GREAT Spam post and the Jolly Green Giant how cute is he... We like span and have it still occasionally... When we went to visit our daughter in Guam we were surprised how much spam they eat there... Like I thought it was the spam capital of the world ☺☺☺ I even bought a cook book with only spam recipes in it... I will have to make a point to visit where it is made next time we are in MN... Thanks for the fun post!

    Travel Safe


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