Friday, December 4, 2009

Catching Up Again

When last we left you, we were driving the PT Cruiser and our Suzuki was in the shop. That was Monday night. Tuesday we returned to Tucson to pick up Suzy’s doctor’s appointment she’d missed on Monday. We also had made reservations to see a production at the Gaslight Theater, a homegrown group that’s been going for 37 years. IMG_4834 Their presentation this time was a musical comedy entitled “On The Road To The North Pole.”100_4246IMG_4844 There were 64 of us from our SKP Saguaro Park at the play. We cheered the good guys, booed the bad guys, and ogled the cute girls. To loosen some of us up to boo and cheer and ogle, appropriate snacks were available.IMG_4846IMG_4850 “North Pole” was a takeoff on the old Bing Crosby / Bob Hope Road films, and it was done well. One actor, older than the rest, did a terrific job matching Jimmy Durante’s style. including the “Goodnight Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are!” line. Another was obviously aping Dom De Luis.

Following the play we had dinner next door at Little Anthony’s Diner, where Cheeseburgers and Chocolate Shakes  are the order of the day. 100_4243 100_4274 Little Anthony's is set up like a fifties diner, with the servers in period attire and 50s music playing. After dinner we got a night shot of the Gaslight Theater.IMG_4853During the day we had learned that our Suzuki had been thoroughly checked over, and there were no signs of anything that could have caused the sudden problem of Monday. There were regular service steps that needed to be taken, and we authorized them.

Wednesday we started with a group breakfast at a restaurant here in Benson with 49 others from the SKP park. This was a fundraiser, and together we donated $263 for the special needs of individuals at a local nursing home.

Next we returned to Tucson (third day in a row) so Suzy could get a chest X-ray her doctor had ordered and to pick up the Suzuki. Of course we had to return the PT Cruiser – they wouldn't let us keep it. The service writer told us their tech had driven the car 110 miles, some in city, come on the highway, and was unable to duplicate the problem. Seems it may have just been a fluke. Flukes like that we don’t need! Now we’ll always wonder when the next “fluke” will come along, and whether we’ll be in an area with cell service.

Thursday was an at home day; Friday is also. We can relax just a little!

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  1. Looks like a good news/bad news thing with your Suzuki. Good news was that nothing was wrong with your car. Bad news was that nothing was wrong with your car. Would have been better to have had something fixed, anything!! Now the confidence in your Suzuki has been shaken & it will affect your future driving decisions for sure & you won't be rid of the doubt until you trade vehicles someday. Or something really breaks big time. Good luck...

  2. Those flukes are always puzzling, aren't they? Then you begin to wait for the other shoe to drop when you drive again. Those milk shakes sure looked good at the diner. Hope they tasted good too.

  3. Jerry,
    Hmmm...No news is good news? A fluke of a problem? Hmmm... Hopefully, no more weird problems like that again. You've probably spent more time in Tucson in the last couple days than in the last couple of months too!

    Connie and Art

  4. Jerry that cheeseburger and milk shake sure looked good. I know exactly what you mean about I had rather they found something wrong. Now you have to wonder in the back of your mind when and if it might happen again.

  5. To heck with the Suzuki - all I could see in this post was that yummy looking cheeseburger and those chocolate shakes!! Wow - they looked good. I don't care what Mike McFall says - that's a great picture!!

    Sounds like the Gaslight Theatre was a fun place to visit and enjoy a show!

  6. Boy ,you two do know how to enjoy the good life. It's busy here with Christmas decorating, but soon will be done with that. I have moved to a new address, come give me a visit sometime.


  7. Hey guys that doesn't sound too good... NOTHING wrong??? It must have been something and like you I'd be wondering when it will happen again... Look like other than that you're having great fun and boy did that diner look fantastic... FOOD made me hungry now I have to find a place to get a great milkshake and cheeseburger! Have FUN and Travel Safe!!!

  8. I attended many productions at the Gaslight Theater when I lived in Tucson. I'll have to take Miss Terry there this winter.

  9. Then again, it may never come back. Only you will find out..
    FOOD, every where you look FOOD!

  10. I did get to enjoy the Gaslight Theater with my sister a few years ago. I now remember what fun it was. I'll have to get Ray to take me. He has never been. i have never been to Little Anthony's, looks yummy.


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