Sunday, November 8, 2009

What a Wonderful Way to Have a Birthday!

Saturday was Suzy's XXth birthday. Do you remember your XXth birthday? Mine was a few years back. But before we go there, we want to thank our “Followers.” We got our 38th Follower this weekend, who just happens to be our daughter Kathie! Yay! for Kathie, and for the 37 others who so faithfully stay with us. Some are new, some have been around for years. All are welcome and very much appreciated!

To celebrate Suzy’s birthday, we got together with Don and Sharon Del Rosario, who are friends from  the Escapees Club, RVing in general, and blogging in particular. You can see Sharon’s blog at this link.. Our Saguaro SKP park held its monthly ice cream social for birthdays and anniversaries last Sunday. Both Sharon and Suzy had birthdays this month, IMG_4657 Sharon's was on the 5th, Suzy’s on the 7th, so they both counted. We started with dinner at our place (we prepared Tequila Chicken, they brought sides including a wonderful spinach and strawberry salad) then moseyed up to the clubhouse for dessert and park recognition. (To see pictures in a larger format, click on the picture.)

Friday we got together again at their place (another RV park in Benson) for a tri-tip roast potluck with two other couples. We brought potato salad and carrot salad.

Birthdays can go on for weeks at a time, it seems. Saturday, Suzy’s actual birthday, started with her opening packages from our two daughters.

Kathie had made a beautiful pair of autumn earrings with deep amber-colored beads, and added a matching fluffy crocheted scarf. IMG_4664











IMG_4672 Deb sent a five-zipper-pocketed black leather purse (Suzy’s old black leather purse had bitten the dust a short while back, so the timing was perfect!).


After presents, accompanied by our special hot cocoa treat, we went back up to our clubhouse for”Addie’s breakfast.”

IMG_4678 Addie is one of our park’s winter residents who has taken on the job of head cook in the kitchen, and she put on a splendid breakfast of sausage, cheese and egg strata, with fresh fruit.


The only problem with the breakfast was that the new ovens the park had ordered didn’t arrive in time, so Addie and her crew had to bake the strata casseroles a couple at a time, rather than ten trays at a time as they had hoped, so there was a big backup waiting in line.

IMG_4673 But heck, we’re all retired and we’ve got lots of time. Besides, it gave us a lot more time to chat with old friends and new ones.


After breakfast, we headed out to the little town of Dragoon, population 117, nestled in the Dragoon Mountains, to help them celebrate their 7th annual Dragoon Days. For a tiny town, they put on quite a show.

100_4159The Dragoon Women’s Club sponsored the one day affair, and they had maybe 25 vendors, offering everything from knitted baby garments to mounted photographs to wooden belts (I bought one of those!) to beaded bracelets and solar garden lights. 100_4160





There was live music continuously, a dance presentation, shoot outs, and grilled brats.


The ladies had baked goods and used books for sale, as well as other craft items. Besides that, many of them were in period costumes (so were a lot of the men of Dragoon that day.)




We did our part to support the show for about three hours, then, instead of driving back home,. drove further out the road to the next episode of … Our Life on Wheels.

IMG_4725 To see more of Dragoon Days, visit our Picasa Web Album!


  1. A very Happy Birthday wish for Suzy! What a wonderful day you all had being together with great friends and great food. Really special. Those earrings were lovely and a wonderful handmade gift like that is always the best. Congratulations, and wishes for XXX more birthdays!

  2. ♫♪♫♪♫ Happy Birthday Suzy ♫♪♫♪♫

    Hope your birthday was the bestest yet... LOVED your earrings and scarf. And you are so right the birthdays go on forever... YEAH!!! I had a BIG XXth birthday this year too. I really enjoyed you guys post today... Looks like everyone had fun and your tour of Dragoon was wonderful.

    Have Fun & Travel Safely

  3. Happy XXth Birthday, Suzy, and many more XX's to come! Sounds like with all those parties, you celebrated in style - both dinners sounded great and that breakfast looked really good, too!

  4. XX rated Birthdays eh. Hmmmmm, have we been missing something all these years up in Canada. Couldn't watch the Dragoon Band video because of our limited Verizon plan but I tapped my toe & did some yodeling just the same....

  5. A belated Happy Birthday to Suzy!
    Doug & JoAnn Dubrouillet

  6. You look wonderful on your birthday, Mom. Of course the scarf, earrings and purse complete the picture. Happy XX birthday!!

  7. Food, Food, Food, from beginning to end!!! Jerry is that all you think about? Oh, ya I know the picture of "FOOD" was just for me...

    Gee thanks Pal.....LOL

    You know I'm just kiddin!!

    keep on truckin...

  8. What a great blog, Jerry. I was honored to celebrate Suzy's and my birthdays together, and look forward to doing the same next year.


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