Monday, October 26, 2009


Over past few days, a friendly, non-violent discussion has erupted within a small group of bloggers, specifically us, Al the Stargeezer, and Rick the non-geek geek. Presumably this discussion has spilled beyond this triumvirate and some of you may be wondering what it’s all about. It’s all about sandwiches, for goodness sake. Sandwiches!

rick_0948 It all started when Rick wrote about making ham and salmon sandwiches for his 40-year poker group. In fact he said he has made ham and salmon sandwiches for this group for all of the forty years that he’s been part of it. And they used to meet monthly, but not any more.

I innocently asked Rick whether he meant ham and salmon sandwiches, or ham sandwiches and salmon sandwiches, since the latter pair sounded good, but the former combination sounded terrible.

DSC_0025 At this point, Al the Stargeezer jumped in, telling Rick, “Don't let Jerry tell ya anything about sandwiches. He himself is a peanut butter & onion sandwich eater!!!! Yes it's true & I rest my case.”

Now, I had quietly told Al not long ago about this delicacy that has been enjoyed in my family since way before I was born, and he goes and blabs to Rick, and the whole thing is getting out of hand, which is bad for a sandwich, however you make it.

So, to set the record straight, Suzy and I are guilty as charged of making, eating and loving peanut butter and onion sandwiches. Of course Suzy thought the entire LeRoy family was as nutty as a fruitcake when we offered her the first one. But as game as she is, she took one bite and was instantly converted to a believer.

For you folks out there, this may be hard to believe, so we offer you the recipe and process to try for yourselves.

IMG_4613 First, take two slices of good bread for each sandwich. That’s the common part with most other sandwiches. We usually use a bread that is high in fiber, but we know some of you stick to good old white bread. Like when you were little kids. And you didn’t like the crust. And Mom said eat it anyway!

IMG_4615 Slather one piece of bread with a good layer of peanut butter. We like chunky, but some of you may prefer smooth, the kind that doesn’t have lumps.

So far this isn’t any different than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But the anticipation is killing you, isn’t it?

IMG_4617 Then slather the other piece of bread with mayonnaise. We like light mayo, but you can use what you have in your cupboard. If it’s already been opened, you’ll probably find it in your refrigerator.

IMG_4620 Here comes the good part! Take a nice big sweet red onion (or you can use a Vidalia or Walla Walla if you have it). Take off that papery outside skin, and slice right through the middle of the onion. And you now have a choice – you can make one thick slice (1/4 inch), or if you are good with a knife, make a pile of thin slices.

IMG_4621 Toss the sliced onion on the peanut butter side of the sandwich.




IMG_4622The next step is important. Sprinkle just a little salt on the sliced onion.




Now, assemble the two halves. It’s easier if you pick up the mayonnaise half and put it on top of the peanut butter and onion side. Otherwise, the onion slices may fall on the floor, and what a waste that would be.

IMG_4625 Divide each sandwich in half, either crosswise or diagonally. It’s your choice. Put the two halves on a plate.

Don’t eat it yet. Pour each participant a big glass of cold milk. We prefer nonfat, but it’s your choice if you’ve come this far with us.

IMG_4629 Each participant then picks up one sandwich half, inserts a portion of it into his or her mouth, and bites down. Heavenly!


And that’s today’s food news from … Our Life on Wheels! And our apologies to Mike McFall, who doesn’t do blogs with food in them!

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  1. Jerry, you lost me there when you added the mayonnaise. I think I'll just stick to plain old peanut butter and jelly. Thanks for the recipe, though.

  2. Jerry & Suzy...thanks for the very detailed description and pictures of how to make a "peanut butter and onion" sandwich. They say the "proof is in the pudding" but I guess, in this case, it's the sandwich! I'll just have to take your word for it until we meet up and Suzy makes me one to try for myself. Jerry, it's a good thing you explained that we should pick up the bread with the mayonnaise on, and not the side with the onions, or dummies like Al and me would surely have done it wrong - duh!

  3. wow... that may be the most disgusting sandwich I have ever heard of... Good on ya though...

  4. Um....I'll pass, thanks! That's even coming from 1. a LeRoy and 2. a very pregnant LeRoy!!!

    Love to you both,

    ~N~E~E~ and Boss

  5. Sandwiches smandwiches youse guys. What you both need after one of them there tonsil ticklin peanut butter & salmon mossmagators is a big pail full of my yummy yukking soy joy juice to wash all that nonsense down & keep ya standin up straight in yer shoes.....:))

  6. I can feel the heartburn just looking at that onion.

    Wasn't Elvis's favourite sandwich peanut butter and bacon? That's too weird for me too (lol).

  7. Well, you've done it again! Your talent for making food sound too yummy to refuse (as usual) shines through in this blog. Next trip to the store a big red, sweet onion is on the list.

    I have eaten cold navy bean and white onion sandwiches (with butter only) all my life with a big glass of cold milk. Cook beans just for the sandwiches the next day ... so why not?

    I think peanut butter and banana was the favorite sandwich of the King.

  8. What can I say!!!!!!(rolling eyes)LOL


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