Thursday, October 22, 2009


Beer can what? Well, beer can make you drowsy. Beer can foam in the glass. Beer can make you horny. Beer can do a lot of things, but this time we mean … Beer Can Chicken!

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If you’ve been with us, you know we recently bought a barbecue grill, and we’ve been trying out different things. This time we tried Beer Can Chicken. Very simply, it’s a whole chicken squatting over a beer can and then put on a grill to cook. The origins of beer can chicken are lost in the mythology of the 20th century barbecue chefs. The idea is simple, but things are never simple. There is a recipe.

100_4049 The instructions in my grilling cookbook say to “discard” half of the can of beer. NEVER! Beer is not to be discarded, so Suzy and I shared half of that can of beer plus another can of beer to make it all worthwhile. That set the stage.

100_4051 Then you make an “herb rub” and put some of it in the remaining half can of beer. The book says the beer will foam.

100_4052YEAH! It foamed all over the place!

100_4058Now for the fun part. You take two tablespoons of butter, softened, and rub them on the chicken! Nobody bothers to tell you to pat the chicken dry with paper towels. We made a video clip, but could not get it loaded.  Butter everywhere but on the chicken.

100_4060 Then you are supposed to sprinkle on the herb rub, all except for a little bit which you have already dumped into the chicken’s cavity.

100_4063 Oh yeah, cram that beer can, full of beer and herb seasoning rub, into the chicken's cavity, then balance the beer can and the chicken’s legs like a tripod. Uh-huh! Fortunately we had bought a proper gimcrack that holds the beer can and the chicken so I didn’t have to try a balancing act!

100_4067(Suzy always breaks into giggles when she sees this picture. I wonder why?)

100_4075 March outside to the already heated grill, place the dejected-looking chicken sitting on the beer can in the gimcrack onto the grill, close it up and come back in 75 minutes to see if it’s done.

100_4078 It was done. Haul the chicken into the house, throw it onto a plate, cut it up and have a FABULOUS chicken dinner. It was delicious, it was moist, it was flavorful. Will we do it again? Yes (especially at 44 cents a pound) but next time we’ll pat the chicken dry, then spray it with butter flavored cooking spray instead of trying to wipe softened butter all over the carcass!

That’s what we ate last night, during … Our Life on Wheels.
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  1. The chicken looks delicious & I'm sure tasted great but I can't agree with you about the beer. Drank tons of the stuff years ago but never did like the taste of that mind bending bitter stuff!! Don't figure eh!!

  2. Two pound chicken dinner for .88 cents! Looks delicious ... I may just have to try it someday.

    Tell us what your side dishes were, I'll bet they were yummy as well. :)

  3. That sure looked like quite the ordeal getting that chicken all ready for the barbeque! I'll bet it was worth it in the end though. Thanks for the tip on the 'butter spray' as that would make it a whole lot easier!

  4. Thanks for the great cooking demo. I've heard of this "beer can chicken" but never tried it. It does look like a great way to cook the little feller so it comes out all juicy and delicious. Enjoy!

  5. My sons introduced me to the beer can chickens on previous camping trips and I loved it!

    Donna Daniel

  6. Hey,,,Beer is good even stuck up a chickens,,,,you know what... Plus I like Chicken any way you wanta fix it..
    Ms Pat uses Beer when she cooks up her famous Hush Puppies.....Nobody has ever turned any down yet..

    Good Blog My Friend!!,,,,,,Enjoyed it..Suzy done great with the pictures too!!!

  7. Now we know how NOT to prep chicken for our convection roaster. LOL! When we get back to Benson, we'll have to trade some outdoor cooking tips and try each other's goodies! (That is, Jerry and Don will do that, while Suzy and I sip cocktails and look pretty!)


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