Thursday, August 27, 2009


In yesterday’s blog I bragged about our Texas Rangers looking better than we’d ever seen them. This morning when I opened the front door vertical blinds … WOW! I called Suzy to come and see this:

From 2009 August 27

I quickly put on the rest of my clothes, grabbed the camera and ran out to get these:

Even the little guy on the other side of the yard is in full bloom.

My, oh my, the beauty of our desert!

And oh my, how fun it is to read others’ blogs and learn other things. Not long ago our blogging companion Christina wrote about making some hamburger patties using Angus ground beef, ground turkey, and sausage. She wrote that she often adds ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce, various herbs and seasonings that she finds rummaging through her cupboards.

Yesterday Suzy followed Christina’s lead. We had some regular 93% lean ground beef, turkey sausage and ground turkey in the freezer, so we pulled them out to defrost. In the afternoon, Suzy whomped up two batches of burger mix with those three meats. She had every condiment imaginable spread out on the kitchen table, and I didn’t even think about taking a picture to show you.

She had: ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce, two flavors of Tabasco Sauce, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, grilling seasoning, salt free chipotle seasoning, Italian herbs, turmeric, onion salt, Mrs. Dash All-Purpose Salt-Free seasoning, Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy Salt-Free Seasoning, garlic and other things that even she can’t remember this morning.

One batch of mix was pretty standard, with just a few seasonings; on the other one she went wild. We had the standard burgers last night, cooked on George. We’ll try the other another time. We had enjoyed reading Christina’s description of her mix, we liked the idea, and the result last night was delicious. Thanks, Christina!

This evening we took our neighbors Emerson and Carol out to dinner. They and we have both celebrated our 49th wedding anniversaries this month, and they both have been a lot of help to us getting settled here. Carol is the one who made potato salad, spaghetti salad and brownies for our open house, and then monitored the food table for the party. Emerson has helped with installing our new casita air conditioner and a few other projects. We had a lovely dinner to close out this day in ... Our Life on Wheels.


  1. Wow! Your Texas Rangers are gorgeous! And I love your Kokopelli. Those burgers sound good, too. We'll have to try them.

  2. Great pics of those 'rangers', Jerry. They sure are colorful plants - amazing! Those burgers sound good, I just might try that myself this weekend!

  3. Good Morning, Those Texas Rangers are so beautiful. You are right your little piece of the desert is beautiful... Have a funtastic day ☺☺☺


  4. Nice flowers! And the recipe sounds like something we should try!

    Randy and Pam

  5. WOW, Beautiful,,,,,,,left me with my mouth open,,,and "watering"!!!

    A tip of the "AMBER" beverage to ya,,:-)

  6. I have to agree with the others...those Rangers are beautiful. You must be so thrilled to see them every time you look out your window. Looks like a little slice of heaven to me.

  7. Thanks for the comments, everybody. It is a lovely sight, but that little slice of heaven lasts only about three days. Now we have a pink carpet lying on the ground all around those bushes. But it was lovely while it lasted!


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