Friday, August 7, 2009

Changing Posts in Mid-Blog

Well, folks, this isn't the blog post I was planning for today. That was supposed to be about what we are doing now in Benson.

I know I have told you before that we follow several other RVers' blogs, and several other RVers follow our blog. It's really a lot of fun to get to know people like us, or vastly different from us, even though we have never met them, and may ultimately never get the chance to meet them. Of course, maybe we'll get together in Palm Springs next January!

Currently there is a discussion running around in our circle of bloggers about traveling style, and I want to put in my two cents worth. It seems no one knows how RV travel is "supposed" to be done, so everyone approaches it differently. For example, except for this year, we live Our Life On Wheels mostly on the road, stopping back here in Benson for the winter. When we are traveling, we like to drive at most 175 to 200 miles in a day, then stop for a few days to a couple of weeks before moving on. That gives us a chance to see what's in the area, whether it is historical sites, grand vistas, or charming small town museums.

We prefer to have electric, water and sewer hookups when we stop, and if 50 amp electric isn't available, we're quite happy with 30 amps. We belong to several membership camping clubs, and they often require reservations, so we have to do pretty good planning in advance, although we have learned that we can often call while on the road to a park we'd like to visit and make a quick reservation.

Another preference of ours is to seldom return to a place we've been before. There are always exceptions, but we like to try some place different whenever we can. We'll take a different route, and we prefer back roads to the Interstate.

Some of our blogging friends may travel up to 400 miles in a day, more if they can stick to Interstates.

Some shun making reservations, and always stop early in the day so there's no problem finding a site.

Our blogging friend Al the Stargeezer claims he is not a people person, and likes to get way out away from folks. He'll boondock in the desert for a couple of weeks. Recently in his blog he wrote of tearing down and moving twice in one day farther out in the vast open spaces; seems somebody moved in right next to him out in the boonies. So he up and moved. Soon a group arrived, settling themselves in the same area Al had moved to. Yup, he moved again.

Al loves the mountains in the west. When he leaves Ontario, he beats it across the flatlands, getting to the mountains as quickly as he can. But he also likes our desert out this way.

Nick and Terry travel in an old MCI bus they have converted into a neat rolling home. They love to explore, and in fact write a marvelous newspaper, have their own website, as well as a number of different blogs. They poke into "Highway History and Back Road Mystery" as they travel, going to as many different places as they can. However, they have several RV parks they return to time and again, even to the point of getting the same exact site each time.

Rick and Paulette have a beautiful home near Victoria, BC. Much of the year they are at home or taking short jaunts in Canada. In winter they come back to the same RV park in Palm Springs.

We have friends who don't blog, who don't seem to land anywhere they can't play pickleball.

Don and Sharon recently bought an RV site here in Benson, and spend the winter there. In the summer they usually go to Hart Ranch in Rapid City, SD to be part of the staff. But they travel well between the two places.

Howard and Linda love to be near water, and they love to hike. They retired early, and have realized that they need to earn their way, so they take occasional workamping jobs. Howard writes interestingly about their travels and perhaps a little less interestingly about the work part. But he brings his story forward for others to learn from.

Mike and Pat love to travel, and they have at least four regular spots where they own, rent, or lease sites. They support themselves selling an excellent brand of tire pressure monitoring system, and they hit rally after rally as vendors.

So what is this all about? There is no one true way. Every RVer has his or her own way of doing it, and if it is right for them, hallelujah. Some folks (like us) drive a motiorhome and pull a "toad" (a towed car). Others have huge diesel trucks that pull long fifth wheels. Some folks will travel fulltime in a camper on the back of a pickup truck.

Here's how Stargeezer says it in his blog:

"We are all different folks with different interests but we all have the love of RVing in our blood. We are all fellow travelers happily moving to-gether along the highways & byways of this vast country of ours. Whether you stay in one spot for months at a time or park your buns in a new area every night doesn't matter."

Oh, by the way, by reading and following others' blogs, we are gaining more followers of our own all the time. We started this set of blogs just 18 months ago, but didn't start "following" for a few months. Soon we had a couple of people who followed us. Just now we have picked up our 29th follower, and we welcome "Margie M." to ... Our Life on Wheels!


  1. Interesting observations of the various methods of RV travel! Thanks for including us in your list of blogging pals, although we're new to this aspect of communication.

    However, one small correction: Don and I aren't on the staff at Hart Ranch, although I've worked there in the past. We went there for part of last summer and this one primarily to get our annual medical checkups and for my back surgery (last year) and Don's knee surgery (this year).

    We love going to new places and are exploring more of the west coast the next couple of months.

    We look forward to getting back together when we return to Benson by early November.

  2. Hey guys... great post! We are all different but have a common bond... We love adventure.


  3. You almost descibed to the tee how we travel. I really enjoyed your post today.

    Happy Trails,

  4. Jerry, just a terrific blog today, enjoyed every bit of it. You have perfectly summarized and written about everything there is to say about how we all approach RV'ing in different ways. Whatever your other topic was going to be, I'm glad you changed your mind and decided to do this one. No one way to RV is right and no one way is wrong - and, that's the way it should be.

  5. Thanks for sharing your travels with us. We are not full-timers - have only been RVing 1 1/2 years, but we love doing it as a hobby and look forward to next year when we'll head out on longer trips. Safe travel to you!


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