Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Trailer - volume II

Last time we brought our new trailer to just being ready to move.

The mover came along in his big pickup, backed in, hooked up, and away he went – very slowly.

Dave, our contractor, walked along with him, kind of like a shepherd, and Carl from the park’s facilities department, followed behind in his golf cart. Yes, the slide-out rooms are still slid out, which adds to the necessity for slow driving.

The turn at the bottom of our street is a little tricky.

But here it comes into our lot.

Carl is back there to designate exactly where the trailer is supposed to be spotted.

There is a 10-foot utility easement across the back of the lot so nothing permanent can be placed there.

There it is, right where it goes!

Now comes the setup. Leveling is painstakingly meticulous.

Then the utilities get connected and we have electricity, water and a sewer!

This is when our daughter Deb arrived. The first thing she did was to clean our cupboards and drawers. Surprisingly they were in pretty good shape, considering the trailer has been essentially unused for five years.

Then we went shopping for all the stuff you need to set up a new home while keeping the old home pretty much intact. For Suzy and me it was like Christmas in June.

Deb grabbed some tools and assembled a storage unit for our large closet.

We had to temporarily remove one of the sliding doors to get it installed.

There’s too much wind right now to install the awning and the skirting, but the propane company brought us our 120-gallon tank. Now we can use the stove!

There’s no need for the big furnace right now, and we weren’t able to light the gas water heater. That will take a little investigation. At least there is an electric side to the water heater.

Deb went home, knowing that she had successfully installed her parents into their new home.

There’s still more stuff to move, to place in new locations, and we haven’t yet received the new living room chairs. Stay tuned to … Our Life on Wheels!


  1. I'm so pleased your propane is set up. Happy cooking and consecutive showers :)

    Your new home is beautiful!

  2. Can't wait to see the new place and all of the fun new goodies you have gotten to set up house! That's always so much fun to do!

    See you in less than a month!

  3. We love your new home!!!! Enjoy!!
    But don't stop traveling....
    Hugs...........Pat and Mike

  4. Wow! What a change for you two. It is amazing what just a few more square feet can do to make a place more comfortable. With your talent to make a place a home, I can't wait to see the end result. Keep those pictures coming.


  5. Shucks!!! Now your making me homesick.....

    It looks mighty NICE!!!



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