Monday, May 4, 2009

We've had another visitor! Our older grandkids Renee and Jason will recognize this one, as they remember "When the s-s-s-snakes go s-s-s-snaking in" as a song we sang together on vacation one year.

We were moving from the motorhome to the casita Saturday afternoon. I was out first and turned around to see this snakey-looking thing under the edge of the motorhome. It must have noticed me also, as it moved back under the middle and stretched out to its full length of about two and a half to three feet. I gave a yell to my lady so she'd be aware, but assured her that it wasn't in a threatening position.

Suzy came out, saw the snake, and we hustled into the casita and shut the door. Duh!

Our park's Facilities Department takes care of these things, so we called and within about four minutes two golf carts rolled to a stop in front. By this time, of course, I had lost track of the slithery varmint, so we all started searching our lot and the several adjacent ones. We finally saw him tucked behind our old mobility scooter.

The two men, Carl Duncan and John Rose, grabbed their snake grabbers and eventually caught him. They put him in the snake box to be driven miles away into the open desert.

This is Carl making the first move.
John closes in for the catch. You can just see the snake under the scooter.

John's got him, and Carl stands at the ready.

Posing for the camera!
Checking out the new temporary quarters.

Our heroes at work!

No, it was not a rattler, and probably not even dangerous except to small rodents and birds, but he was a s-s-s-snake anyway. In this desert country, they come out of hiding and many are especially active at night. The rattlers like to coil up on the pavement to keep warm at night! We are all cautioned to use a flashlight when outdoors at night.

UPDATE: This is Monday morning. Yesterday evening we were sitting in the casita, Suzy heard a noise and turned to the open door. Another snake, just like the first one, was gliding across our doormat! She gave a yell, I turned and looked, and yes, there it was. Suzy sent me out to follow this guy while she called the Facilities Deaprtment again. With the first snake, we had lost track of where he was and had to search; we didn't want to have to do that this time.

I followed the snake's progress across to our neighbor's site, then went and alerted them. With Suzy still on the phone, the three of us (two neighbors and I) kept our eye on Mr. Snake. He ended up curled right where the first one had gone. John Rose arrived shortly, quickly snagged the snake, put him in the snake box and drove away.

That's enough snakes for now, thank you; I think we have met our quota!

Stay cool, everyone, and watch for snakes along ... Our Life on Wheels.


  1. Okay, I HATE snakes of any kind! Warn me when you're gonna put pictures like that up! I almost spilled my bowl of Cheerios!

  2. Great photos of the snake snatchers at work! Those slippery, side winding, slithering creatures can be scary and sometimes dangerous - but they do occupy an important niche in the food chain. Glad everyone (snakes included) survived both events unscathed!

  3. EEEWWWWW!!!! I am scared to death of snakes ... and look at the size of that critter! I cannot imagine getting close enough to take those pictures. Jerry is very brave.
    No poisonous snakes in Western WA but B-4 fulltime rving, a harmless garter snake could send me screaming into the house.
    For heavens sake, stay inside at night you two.
    Hugs, Joy and Phil

  4. If I saw a snake I would be so nervous everytime I went back out!!
    Stay safe you guys!!

    Donna Daniel

  5. Interesting,,,,,No one knew what kind of a snake it was????

    Gosh if it was a bird, ya all would'a knew....;:-)

    Nice for some excitement,,,,


  6. I don't like snakes. You can keep the snakes in Southern AZ. I'll go to Benson in the winter when they are hibernating.


  7. Bleh!!! I HATE HATE HATE snakes!!!! I do remember the snake song, though!

  8. Hey Jerry, Don't snakes eat mice and rats? I guess you'll have to rely on any owls, if you have them there!


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