Saturday, March 28, 2009

Chapter 21 Rally

What? Another rally? Yes, another one, and a lot of fun it was. The rally was sponsored by Chapter 21 of the Escapees RV Club. The Escapees, or SKPs, have 51 chapters, roughly along geographical lines. Chapter 21 covers most of southern Arizona. No SKP member has to belong to a chapter, but you are free to join any chapter you want, and as many chapters as you want.
Chapter 21 has three or four rallies a year. This rally was held at the town of Bowie, Arizona, about 60 miles east of Benson along I-10. Thirty RVs showed up, with a total of 52 people.

PJ’s RV park gave us an excellent price of $12 a night for full hookups under or near ancient pistachio trees,
some displaying remnants of last year’s nuts,

some showing this year’s new leaves.

It was a laid-back rally, no classes, no seminars, just getting together for social hours and a few meals.

We also sat around chatting with friends.
Chuck and Dee Dupuis were rally hosts.

One of their first announcements was that there would be a "sheriff" appointed who would fine anyone not wearing their SKP name badge or their shoes or socks.

Next morning, Dodie Schlieger showed up wearing her socks ... as earrings!

For that morning's breakfast, Dee had made delicious sausage, egg and potato burritos with a southwestern kick for the group. After everyone was served their burrito breakfast, seven burritos remained. They were auctioned off by Chapter President Ron Chojnacki, who started the bidding at $1, which was quickly raised to $1.50. I raised my hand for $2, calling out "Two!" The lady next to me thought I was ordering two burritos, so she raised her hand and called out “Two more!” That caused a chuckle as Ron asked if she had intended to bid $4 for a burrito. My bid of $2 was never raised, so it became the set price for any and all of the burritos. I called for two at the price, and the lady next to me raised her hand and once again said “Two more!” The other three were quickly claimed; Ron announced that the $14 would be donated to the SKP CARE center in Livingston, TX.

CARE stands for Continuing Assistance for Retired Escapees. CARE is essentially a day care center for SKPs who are recovering from an illness or major surgery, or just living with needs that cannot be met at home by a family member. Participants live in their own RVs on one of about 35 full hook-up sites. They get three meals a day, seven days a week, help with housecleaning and other activities if needed. There is an LVN on duty eight hours a day on business days, and certified nursing assistants providing monitoring, games, exercise and much more for the participants in the secure dayroom. As well, there are usually volunteers on hand to schedule medical appointments, provide transportation and help with shopping needs. All of this is done at an affordable fee due to the generosity of Escapees RV Club members through donations and volunteering.

Again, the rally was laid back, and one of the best features was food. It’s a given among RVers that when there’s food, we’ll be there! Lunches were all on our own, but dinners were potluck. The second morning’s breakfast was an egg dish made by President Ron, accompanied by hash browns, pancakes and toast. Delicious!

For Thursday’s dinner, we all brought our own meat for a barbecue, plus a dish to share.

While the cooking was going on, Spiderman showed up, about the size of the 8-year-old son of the park owners.

Friday's breakfast was potluck; we brought a nice tray of cantaloupe chunks, then joined in as the line went round the serving table.

"Spidey" came back that morning and lined up with another crime fighter, Mary Ann, our rally "sheriff."

Now we’re back in Benson for the weekend. Monday morning I work propane again and in the afternoon we leave for Tucson to finish the service that was started a month ago. We’re back into a busy time in … Our Life on Wheels.


  1. Looks like you had a great time at the rally...who could ask for more...good company, good food!

    Connie and Art

  2. I love how your pictures are not only scenery but of all the "happenings" round the campsite tooooo! Love it! I could smell the food on that grill!

    Donna Daniel

  3. Hey, was that lady next to you Suzy?
    It didn't look like the WIND was blowing at your Rally......It sure was here...
    looks like your havin fun!!!!
    Way to go!!!



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