Monday, February 23, 2009

Merry Mix-up

Doncha just love it when things work out?

We're sitting at Beaudry RV Park in Tucson, waiting for our service appointment in the morning. We're kinda tired, and had a beverage or two after getting all the dishes cleaned up and a lot of other chores. Suzy was tired and didn't want to cook (and we didn't want to use more dishes anyway).

As we were doing a little Internet work, I noticed a Pizza Hut ad that said they now offer some neat pasta dishes for delivery, including "Creamy Chicken Alfredo." At that, Suzy perked up and remembered the RV park leaflet had an ad that said Pizza Hut delivers to this park! So we ordered Creamy Chicken Alfredo to be delivered to us at Site #1404.

In about 40 minutes, up drove Pizza Hut with our dinner. I handed the driver a twenty, she handed me a package and drove off. We had a medium sausage pizza and 10 chicken wings for dinner!

But it was good pizza, the wings were tangy, and we had a good laugh. I wonder what the other customer thought about our Creamy Chicken Alfredo?

In the meantime, we are busy sorting out pictures to show you of our trip to the Desert Botanical Garden a few days ago. Hang on, we'll be right back with another episode in ... Our Life on Wheels!


  1. That is funny... I would have been sad since Alfredo is one of my favorites... Can't wait to see all your pictures... Have a good one today...


  2. Krall here.

    There must be a moral in the delivery tale you just sent me. And I believe that it is probably more than just tangy chicken wings. But it's 4:30 p.m. here, almost, the end of a teaching day and time to head home for a meeting and then dinner. And what's on the menu for tonight? haven't the foggiest notion. But then I seldom do. Just eat what they serve; not all of it, mind you, but enough to keep body and soul within walking distance.

    We have this week of classes and then one more before Spring Break. It's been raining here and that means that there will be less snow tonight than there was this morning and that, my friends, is a very good thing.

    Some crocuses are blooming. The buds on the witchhazel are more and more noticeable and I actually was out in the yard on Saturday, sweeping, spreading or trying to spread some frozen bags of steer manure. The top two bags on the pile were more or less workable; the bottom seven or eight were solid shit, as it were. So I spread the contents of bags one and two and then spread out the remaining bags so that should the sun come out again before May, their contents might become much more distributable.

    Have several amayrilles in pots in the basement and three of them are showing buds, so I moved them up to the dining room windows. Hopefully by Easter they should be in bloom.

    Stay well and open to surprizes.

  3. Its a TOUGH life isn't it? But somebodys got to do it, right?

    Take care!!!


  4. For any who are wondering, "Krall here" (above) is a very best friend of ours who teaches Latin and Greek at Gonzaga University in Spokane. He also is the main gardener (probably the only one) at Jesuit Hall at the university. It sounds as if he's getting tired of winter!


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