Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Was Good

Thanksgiving morning we were up very early for showers and our own special Thanksgiving tradition: apple burritos for breakfast. We’ve been making these burritos for Thanksgiving breakfast for about 30 years. We understand that this is our Granddaughter Renee’s favorite breakfast, and that she always asks for apple burritos for her birthday.

Our Thanksgiving dinner for 22 went very well. Here at the SKP Co-op Park, there were ten tables set for 22 participants each. Each table was really 3 tables end to end, plus 2 more tables set aside as a buffet for each group. Nearly every seat was full. At our table (Table 7) as at all the others, people already in the park had signed up in advance, and folks who arrived in the park later filled the final seats.
The park's Club House Committee decorated the room, and folks at each table brought their own special decorating items. We had purchased some items at one of the dollar stores, plus napkins from WalMart which became table coverings

(Here's a shot of the room. Our table is the one seen across the middle.)

Every one participated, everyone brought something to share, at least two, if not more, dishes. Suzy prepared a corn pudding casserole, fresh cranberry sauce, a delicious horseradish sauce for the ham, and a cranberry orange cake, in addition to being the table coordinator. Others provided roast turkey, baked ham, potatoes, homemade rolls, sweet potatoes, salads, desserts and everything in between.

Joe and Lisa Sweelson brought two apple cakes for dessert and a Dutch-style stuffing. Linda Coughenower brought a turkey and Betty Spitler baked a ham; these two ladies were reimbursed for the cost of the meat (we each chipped in a dollar).

At our table, Sandie Missioni offered her family tradition: a bowl of brown rice to remind us that a very large percentage of the world has little to eat except rice. Because our table was so long, Sandie divided the rice into small bowls spread out so we could all share. She also brought a green bean casserole and two delicious pies. We can't list everyone and their contribution, but all together, it was a fine Thanksgiving dinner.

We gathered between 1:15 and 1:30pm for “social hour” and setting up.
Dinner started promptly at 2:01 pm, and we sat around until nearly 3:30, just being neighbors and friends. Today, Friday, we gather again at 2:00pm for leftovers.

Here in the San Pedro Valley, we celebrated RAIN! In the wee hours of the morning we were awakened by rain on the roof, which continued until we left for table decorations. Again in the evening, we had rain. The Tucson news station reported that this has been the wettest Thanksgiving for 20 years. We like rain!

We’ve told you recently about people we have met either on the road or on-line through our blog. Yesterday we met another RVing couple whom we had met on-line, Howard and Linda Payne. They had arrived in the park a couple of days ago and were assigned to a different table from ours. Linda is a crafter, especially interested in beading, particularly bracelets that she sells at shows in their travels. Howard is quite a photographer, taking great nature shots that I drool over. How does he get so close to Roadrunners, Black Phoebes, and all those other creatures?

That’s all! Please come back and visit us again. We’re off the road for a while, but still living … Our Life on Wheels.
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  1. Hi Jerry & Suzy... Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving.... And all your pictures were so nice... We had a great time at my daughters too... If you still want that video of the Christmas lights I will need to email it to you... Which is no problem... My email is on my blog just send me a note and I will mail it back to you...Have a great day...


  2. Your Thanksgiving Dinner looked delicious. We also had 22 folks at our Dinner table here in Retama and way more food than we could we had leftover night on Friday. Now one of the other ladies is making "Turkey Soup" for today. The good food just keeps coming! Not a good place to be when you're on a diet! LOL

    Tell Howard and Linda hello for us and there is another one of our PressurePro customers that just arrived there a few days ago...Don & Brenda Pippin. They are from Canada...I told them to say Hi to you when they see you.

    Have fun and we'll see you in February.

    Hugs........Pat and Mike

  3. Please ... please ... please ... post recipe for Apple Burritos!

    They sound delicious!

    Joy and Phil

  4. Joy and Phil,
    They ARE delicious. We got the original recipe from Susnet Magazine, but the burritos have evolved over 30 years. We'll have to puzzle out what we actually do, write it up and then post it.

    Thanks for asking. We love to share our traditions!

    Jerry and Suzy


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