Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hunkering Down in New Mexico

We’re pretty frustrated right now (Wednesday evening). We had planned a morning trip south to Columbus, NM, to visit Pancho Villa State Park and related museums. It was there, nearly a century ago, that Mexican General Pancho Villa attacked the United States. It was the first, last and only time since the War of 1812 that an enemy force had attacked within our borders. General Black Jack Pershing pursued Pancho Villa’s forces 700 miles into Mexico, but failed to capture or kill Villa.

Why are we frustrated? WIND! We’ve had 30 – 35 mile per hour winds nearly all day, with gusts of 50 – 70 mph. With that wind came dust and sand storms that limited visibility on the highways to the extent that the major highways out of Deming, including I-10 to Las Cruces were closed for hours this afternoon. That included the highway to Columbus and Pancho Villa State Park.

We first noticed the highway closure in early afternoon, as dozens and dozens of 18-wheelers and a few RVs started pulling into the multi-acre vacant lot next to our RV park. They flowed in a constant stream, and were parking as if well-directed. We turned on and tuned in on our CB radio to hear the truckers discussing the closure in their inimitable style.

While the wind is somewhat quieter this evening, it is predicted to resume tomorrow morning. So we’ll not be visiting Pancho Villa tomorrow either.

We are comforted, however, knowing we are secure, parked in a safe place, with the wind coming at us from the rear (a sideways wind will rock this vehicle, even with its leveling jacks in place). We know that there is nothing so important for us to do that we will place ourselves at risk on the highway.

This is a windy but safe stop along … Our Life on Wheels.

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  1. Although we've encountered some pretty windy conditions during our winter travels, we've not experienced any sand storms . . . at least not yet. Those sure are some strong winds! Glad you are hunkered down. I am sure we will see another excellent blog (with great photos) of your visit to Pancho Villa State Park . . . once you get down there.

    And don't forget to "shake that dust off your feet" when hitting the road again!


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