Friday, March 7, 2008

Thank you to those of you who took time to respond to our request about our new blog. While there were a couple of glitches noted, the response was mostly favorable, so we have decided to switch from MyTripJournal to to continue the story of Our Life on Wheels. The old version will continue to be available until late July, when our subscription runs out. You can view it at

As we move into the second posting, please remember that, if you want to get a larger, clearer view of any of our pictures, you can left click (once only per picture) on the smaller version, and a larger one will show up in a separate window. To get back to this blog, go to your “back” button and click that.

So where are we now? After the Gypsy Journal Rally, we didn’t go back to Benson and our casita. Instead we dropped down AZ 90 about 20 miles and are staying at The Caverns RV Resort.

"Resort” is kind of an optimistic word for this park. There is a clubhouse where any activities take place, with a laundry facility, and the clubhouse has restrooms with showers.

But the former aboveground swimming pool is gone now, replaced by some seating around a fire pit.
There’s also a 9-hole putt-putt golf course. We've not played it yet, nor have we seen anyone else on the nine, but maybe someday ...

We do have a pretty good view from our site -- if you overlook a few tractors and buildings. Arizona has some beautiful skies and mountains. It ain't all sand and cactus, and the part that is all sand and cactus is pretty too!

One thing they do here at The Caverns is to cook some pretty good meals. Every Sunday there is a lunch. The one we attended was hamburgers cooked over a charcoal grill. RVers are usually very good at volunteering to help, and if you take their picture, that's a bit of a reward!

The burgers were delicious, and for $3.50 we got fries and all the fixings for the burger. This lady volunteers her time. We believe she is married to the fellow at the barbecue grill.

On most Wednesday mornings, the park manager, Melvena, puts on an all-you-can-eat breakfast in the clubhouse. She has a very limited kitchen to work with, but for $3.50 you get a choice of any combination of: pancakes, ham, biscuits with sausage gravy, scrambled eggs, country potatoes, and freshly made breakfast burritos. There is also coffee and orange juice included. The side table provides butter, syrup, jams, salsa, and pico de gallo. We just have to bring our own table service.

You only have to wait a few minute for your breakfast, but it gives you a chance to visit with the other campers. The folks Suzy is talking to are from Minnesota, and are super glad to be here, with the winter their home state is having.
Our time here is helpful to us in several ways. We aren’t working on the casita, so we spend more time on taking care of the motorhome.
For example, we replaced the standard entry light with one that has a motion detector. We have found that, whenever you are doing anything with your vehicle, a neighbor will stop to watch, observe, and maybe make "helpful" suggestions!

Can't forget to caulk around the edges! Now, after dark, if anyone approaches, the light goes on. If it’s a friend, they can see their way to the door. Someone who is not so friendly will be in the spotlight.

We’re also taking care of ourselves. At church one Sunday at the little mission near here (mission not like the Franciscan Missions of California – mission like a little remote chapel with a visiting priest), we read about a Healing Mission taking place in Sierra Vista, a few miles further south. Suzy felt a special calling to attend that healing mission, so we spent two mornings in church for special prayer sessions. The first morning, Suzy gained a significant reduction in back pain, and she is now able to move around more easily! We feel specially blessed by this, and will continue on the regimen of prayer and bible reading that was recommended to us.

We’ve got other things to accomplish while we are here. We are going to reset all the tire pressure monitors on the car and the motorhome in preparation for our big journey this spring and summer. I need to wash and recharge the air cleaner on the motorhome, to keep our power level and our gas mileage up and strong. We’ve ordered a new mobility scooter for Suzy, along with a lift for the back of the car. This was prescribed by our doctor, and although Medicare won’t pay anything for it, at least it will be a medical deduction on our taxes.

One day we got together with our friends Dick and Jeri, and we popped on down to Sierra Vista for a delightful lunch at the New China Super Buffet. They have an astoundingly large number of selections to choose from, and you get all you can eat for less than $7 a plate. Jeri is the friend who is an emerging professional artist, who has her oil paintings on display at a gallery in Bisbee, Arizona. Dick and Jeri enjoy spending winters here in Cochise County, and plan to return. Their regular home is in Massachusetts, which is a little colder than here.

And so we keep rolling forward, and we are so glad you are with us, as we pursue … Our Life on Wheels.


  1. Jerry, we love the new website format. Having the pictures integrated with the text is great. Sometimes when the background is dark , I have trouble reading the text but I persevere.
    Enjoy your trip to Arkansas. Safe RVing.
    Karma & Chuck

  2. RVers do like to eat. Seems to be one of most favorite times. We also have the motion detector above the door light and love it.


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